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Dr. Jart Shake and Shot Face Masks

The new Dr. Jart’s Shake and Shot rubber face masks are finally out. These masks were just released a little over a week ago and take on a “DIY” feel as you mix the ingredients before applying. They are described as a “cream-to-sheet” mask and go on with a spatula (that comes with the mask) and peels off as if it is a sheet mask. These rubber masks are actually quite frequent in Korean beauty and spas. It is said that these “cream-to-sheet” masks are made to be more penetrating to the skin, reaching into the pores and skin in general than most sheet masks, as well as face masks in general. Due to you mixing the ingredients makes the masks more fresh and better for the skin. Continue reading Dr. Jart Shake and Shot Face Masks

Winter Dance

West Clermont High School is super excited to announce that they will be having their very first winter dance! Come and jam out with DJ John Buycks at WCHS. The theme of this year’s winter dance will be Fire and Ice! The dance will be held on Saturday, January 20th from 7:30pm-11:00pm. There will also be a winter royalty court who will be getting crowned! The dance is a semi-formal and tickets will be going on sale Monday, January 8th and will cost 15.00. If you are interested in going and decide to purchase a ticket please note there are a few things you need to know. Your student ID is required, there will be no lookups or office visits for temporary IDs. If you ended up losing your ID replace it in advance. Another thing that you will need is your infosnap information must be completed and at least half of your students fees must paid. Also, you are required to sign a behavior contract if you want to attend. So come on out and enjoy yourself and dance with friends!

WCVD Fundraiser

Is wrapping presents not your strong suit? Do you have a young child who wants a picture with Santa or likes to make crafts? Well you’re in luck! West Clermont Vocal Department is having a holiday fundraiser! On Thursday, Dec 14th, West Clermont Vocal Department will be at WCHS wrapping presents from 5:30pm till 9:30pm. Wrapping will cost $1.00 present with your own paper, and $1.50 with theirs. If you would like ribbons or bow that will cost an additional $.25. There will also be a bake sale, even with vegan and allergie free goodies. Along with the bakesale there will be a spot to makes crafts as well as an area for Santa where you can take a selfie with him. Since the fundraiser is for WCVD there will be festive caroling with many of the holiday classic such as Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Carol of the Bells, Jingle Bells, and more! The entire fundraiser is going to be run by students with some help of parents and Mr. Baley. All of the funds go towards West Clermont Vocal Department and helps them go on future trips, such as being able to go to competitions. So please come out and support WCVD.

LEAP Higher

West Clermont High School and LEAP are partnering up to give students a free opportunities to help prepare students for the ACT and SAT as well as help them earn scholarships! LEAP is program that is trying to better prepare students for bigger, standardised testing as well as college testing and college in general. The LEAP Higher scholarship is for students who have college potential. This means that students who have the aspirations to attend, who have, and have reliable transportation to class. This program is also catering to those who are a little less financially stable, they want to help students who want to go to college but maybe can’t due to financial troubles. LEAPs goal is to make a difference in students live by doing everything they can to help you afford college prep classes. They’ve reached this goal by creating a scholarship program. LEAP only has 50 spots left that are on a first come, first serve basis, although students must be approved by their counselor. To apply for LEAP click the link to see the application. Another goal of LEAPs is that students who go to the interactive workshop will leave with a solid plan for college entrance testing, as well as college in general. If you are interested in attending one of the workshops, the next one is Monday, December 4th, and will take place from 7:30pm till 8:45pm. Workshop space is limited as well so register here. The feedback given from the workshop is given by counselors/principals, and parents is positive. LEAP wants to be a very welcoming and help spot for students. LEAP also offering ACT/SAT writing classes. Students will learn everything they will need to know to be thoroughly prepared for the the writing portion on testing. The next opportunity will be Tuesday, December 5th, and will begin at 7:30. This class is also free but registration is required. Juniors are invited to attend the free diagnostic test. Students will get to experience what it is like to take the ACT and how the setting is. Students will get to leave with their test booklet and answers in hand, as well as this test helps provide a solid building block for their scores. This test is to help students see their strengths and weaknesses, this then helps them prepare and see what they will need to work on.