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Tarte Frxxxtion Stick Review

After a long day of wearing your makeup, do you ever have the feeling like your skin still isn’t that clean? Well I might have found the perfect solution for you! The Tarte Frixxxtion Stick. The makeup brand known as Tarte, also has a skin care line, and one of their many products is the Frxxxtion Stick, a travel friendly 3-in-1 cleanser. It is currently retailing for $22 and you get 1 oz/28 grams, and is rated 4.6 stars out of five on Sephora’s website, and 4.8 on Tarte’s.

The 3-in-1 cleansing stick, that twists up, is an exfoliant, cleaners, and a mask. This product is said to be the solution for oiliness (or just shininess in general), pores, as well as dull and uneven texture. The Frxxxtion Stick is vegan, hypoallergenic, as well as dermatologist tested. It is also formulated to not have any parabens or phthalates, and is made for all skin types.

The stick gently scrubs away the dead skin with “diatomaceous earth micro exfoliants” and has antioxidant algae that helps keep the skin looking revived and fresh by protecting and illuminating without it looking oily or greasy. You simply apply the formula on my massaging the stick directly on to your face.

Now I got to test this product and I absolutely fell in love with it! It is so travel friendly and productive. I have combination skin that is extremely sensitive skin with very little to no acne. Due to the fact that I have combination skin, I have some areas with dry patches and most exfoliators just dry me out more, but my oiliness gets worse if I don’t do some kind of exfoliant. I felt like this product successfully was able to get the dry and dead skin of my face without drying me out. The application is very easy and gentle, it tug or pull the skin and you honestly can’t feel the exfoliants till you actually massage it in.

I did have some cons about this product though, one big problem was the fact that it is a stick. My main problem with any kind of skin care or even makeup that is stick form is that they sometimes build of bacteria. Where as with a bottle, you constantly get new and fresh product out, you can’t do this with a stick. Due to you constantly using the same surface all over your face, it can kind of get nasty and grimey, and because of this build up, it may cause acne because you won’t truly be cleaning your skin after a while. Another con I had is I kind of feel as if this product goes extremely fast. One application use a bit of product and I don’t have $22 to throw in one product every few weeks.

Although I had a couple cons with this product, which is normally because no product is absolutely perfect, I still love it and plan to purchase it again, even with the price being slightly up there. I feel like this product did wonders for my skin and would 100% recommend this product.

Box of Crayons IShadow

Have you ever wanted a bright, popping, eyelook for going out on the town? So bright that it looks like you took your little sisters coloring materials? Well now you can finally get that look!crayons

An indibrand called The Crayon Case has recently released at a new eyeshadow palette called “Box of Crayons ishadow palette” and it has went viral!

The new palette has 18 bright, colorful, and eye-catching shades, inspired by our old crayola crayon box. Nine of the colors have a shimmery and glittery finish, and then the other Nine giving a nice, matte finish. This will definitely giving you some childhood nostalgia. Each shade is said to be extremely pigmented and long lasting. The shades are named after, you guessed it, basic crayon box colors. Although this is obviously crayola inspired, the brand is not collaborating or partnered with them.


This gives off a very simple vibe, it has your standard red, blue, green, yellow, ect. This palette is a must have for anyone who is into more artistic makeup, or interested a more professional makeup artis route, more clientele makeup. This palette retails for only $30, but due to it being an indibrand you have to order it online.


cartrageSadly these palettes are currently sold out due to the hot attention it’s currently getting from the media. This palette has been reviewed and tested by a multitude of beauty gurus in the youtube community, as well as gotten a lot of attention on instagram and twitter.
Now this isn’t the only thing of The Crayon Case has come up with, they have multiple “school supplies” themed products. They have “colored pencils” that can be used as lip liners or eyeliners, as well as a brush set that looks like pencils. They also make an eye primer that is supposed to look like a bottle of Elmer’s glue. Although the brand has many school themed products, it’s not completely school themed. They have normal brushes, beauty blenders, a couple eyeshadow palettes, eyebrow gels, and more. You should definitely check out The Crayon Case’s website and see if you like anything.

Prom Makeup Styles

Prom is just around the corner, if you’re a student at WCHS then it is this Saturday! With prom coming up so fast you want to have your makeup look prepared, especially if you want to look beat! In order to help you pick out your perfect makeup choice, you should probably have an idea of what you want. So don’t stress out because I may just have your solution! Continue reading Prom Makeup Styles

Should Schools Eliminate Homework?

Many households battle the daily late night homework struggle to complete assignments that are given by teachers. In fact, nothing stresses students out more than homework does. Having too much homework can take a toll on a student’s life whether that being physically or mentally. There has been a long-running debate on the purpose of homework as well as the advantages and disadvantages. Would students be more successful in school if homework assignments were to be eliminated? The best way to determine the true answer, is to consider the disadvantages and advantages when it comes to homework. Continue reading Should Schools Eliminate Homework?

How to Manage School and Sports

Do you ever just get tired from going to school and then a sport right after? Sometimes you feel like you don´t want to do homework when you get home because of exhaustion. Balancing your school work, personal life and your athletic commentment can be overwhelming and exhausting. Learning out how to manage everything can result in clearing stress and enjoying your highschool experience rather than dreading it. Success in both sports and academics comes down to working hard and and balance. Continue reading How to Manage School and Sports

Dr. Jart Shake and Shot Face Masks

The new Dr. Jart’s Shake and Shot rubber face masks are finally out. These masks were just released a little over a week ago and take on a “DIY” feel as you mix the ingredients before applying. They are described as a “cream-to-sheet” mask and go on with a spatula (that comes with the mask) and peels off as if it is a sheet mask. These rubber masks are actually quite frequent in Korean beauty and spas. It is said that these “cream-to-sheet” masks are made to be more penetrating to the skin, reaching into the pores and skin in general than most sheet masks, as well as face masks in general. Due to you mixing the ingredients makes the masks more fresh and better for the skin. Continue reading Dr. Jart Shake and Shot Face Masks