Las Vegas Gunman Updated Background and Details

    A little over a week ago on October 1st 2017, the worst mass shooting in American history occurred at the Route 91 Harvest music festival in Las Vegas Nevada. The gunman was later identified as Stephan Paddock of Mesquite Nevada. Using many fully automatic weapons, Paddock shot down at the festival from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel causing mass chaos and an end result of 489 injuries and 58 casualties before taking his own life shortly after before authorities got to him. He was 64 years of age.

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Top Five Workouts That You Have Been Doing Wrong

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As many people look to better themselves, they tend to step towards a healthier lifestyle. Many people will begin to diet or start to exercise more regularly. Some will have great success while others tend to not see the results that they wanted, but why is this? Many will not see their desired results Continue reading Top Five Workouts That You Have Been Doing Wrong

Splashing Into Season

West Clermont High School swim team is diving into its first-ever season starting in November when they get to take the plunge into the school’s brand new competition pool.

The swim team wants to get up to 50 people on the team this year, and that will include students down to 6th grade. There are no tryouts for the swim team, so everyone will make the team.

Swim team member Lily Wilfert said all you need to know is how to swim to make the team. Lily was on the Amelia swim team last year, so she has some experience. “I am very excited for the season and can’t wait to start a new chapter for West Clermont,” said Wilfert.

Tori Bell agrees. “I am very excited for the season to start up,” she said. Tori also added that she made great friends as a swimmer last year and can’t wait to make more this year. Her opinion is that the Wolves will “do great this year!”

There are two teams, one for varsity and one for junior Varsity (jv). The girls’ coach is Coach Bowling, a 7th grade teacher at West Clermont Middle School. She was a swimmer at a young age, so she has plenty of experience. The boys coach is Coach Mayne, and he is a choir teacher at the high school.

The Wolves first meet is November 21, but before that they will be working on getting into shape. Starting on October 23, the team will host three days of swim clinics (at a cost of $20 each) to help students work on stroke technique. The clinics start at 3:15 and will last until 4:30 at West Clermont High School. Continue reading Splashing Into Season

Fun Fall Festivities to do in Ohio

If you’re just laying around the house feeling bored pondering what you can do, here are some fun inexpensive things you can go out and do with your friends or family!

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October 12 / 15 – You can attend one of the biggest light shows called BLINK which is being held across 22 blocks of Cincinnati in Over-the-Rhine.

September 13 / October 15 – Attend Broadway in Cincinnati’s Wicked at the Aronoff Center. Wicked is Broadways biggest blockbuster

September 22 / October 28 – This one is a little pricey but if you’re looking for something spooky to do you can go to Halloween Haunt on Fridays and Saturdays at Kings Island.

October Saturdays – From 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm in Clarksville Ohio you can go to the Lantern Light Wagon Ride for a family friendly ghost tour! Travel this historical farm for only $14 per person.

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Wolves football recap


It was a sad weekend for both the West Clermont football team, and their fans. After losing Friday night to the Anderson Redskins, 34-42, the Junior Varsity team played Saturday morning and were not able to pull out a win either, losing just 30-48. West Clermont was tied for first place with Anderson and winning the game would’ve knocked the Redskins down to second place. The Wolves were down 27-6 at halftime, but fans never lost hope. “I thought we didn’t give our best in the first half and there needed to be adjustments. They came out at half like a new team and played much better overall. You could see the excitement in everyone when we made a comeback. We had their backs the entire game. We never gave up on our boys” states West Clermont fan, Jules Miller.

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Girls Soccer: Senior Night

The West Clermont Girls Soccer team dominated their game against Northwest this past weekend at West Clermont High School. It was many players last time playing on their

IMG_3434home field as it was senior night for our Lady Wolves. The celebration for the seniors started on Friday  with a senior dinner where all the players and coaches gathered to celebrate the seniors last year of playing soccer. Before the game started the Seniors walked out with parents and family members, while coaches, parents, and players said final messages to each other and congratulated the seniors. Continue reading Girls Soccer: Senior Night

Wolves vs. Redskins

        The Wolves Football came with a great comeback during the 4th quarter, scoring a touchdown making it a tie game at 3:12 on the clock. It was a great effort put in by the Wolves! Everyone was very proud of the Wolfpack. Ryan Cann, Austin Price, Tyler Steinker and Jacob Kilgore each had touchdowns. The wolves scored 0 points the first quarter while the Redskins scored 14 points.

The second quarter the Wolves scored 6 points, the Redskins scored 13. The third quarter the Wolves made a comeback bringing in 28 points with a total score of 34. The Redskins scored 15 bringing their final score to 42. No points were scored in the fourth quarter by either teams. The final score of the game was 34-42 for a tough but hard work loss by the Wolves. Finally, football player Ryan Cann is up for deciding the athlete of the week with 254 yards and 2 touchdowns total!

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