25 days of Christmas Schedule

With the start of December and Christmas coming around the corner, Freeform begins its 25 days of Christmas countdown. So here’s the schedule for all of the Christmas movies playing!

Tuesday, December 5

7:30 a.m. – The Mistle-Tones

12:30 p.m. – Four Christmases

2:30 p.m. – Angry Angel

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4:35 p.m. – Elf

6:45 p.m. – National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

8:55 p.m. – The Polar Express

12:00 p.m. – Eloise at Christmastime (2003)

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Destiny 2 Review

Image result for destiny 2            Back in September of this year (2017), the company that brought the legendary first-person shooter known as Halo to life, released their latest installment of one of the greatest sci-fi stories told to date on a console (and now PC!): Destiny 2.  This particular title expands on its previous title (Destiny) and continues the saga of the Guardian.  The Guardian is the main protagonist of this series which was chosen by a “godlike” being known as the Traveler to rescue humanity from the Darkness.  This game features three main modes of play.  These are standard Player versus Environment (PvE), enhanced PvE experiences which requires multiple players to complete, and Player versus Player (PvP). Continue reading Destiny 2 Review

Top Five Fast Food Restaurants in Ohio

Photo Courtesy of: http://assets3.thrillist.com

  Fast food restaurants are all over the United States, but what are the best fast food restaurants in Ohio? Well, that question cannot be answered with just one restaurant due to everyone having different tastes. But today we can effectively find the top five fast food restaurants.

5.) Arby’s

Photo Courtesy of: http://4.bp.blogspot.com

  Although this list is not in any particular order, Arby’s would be very close to the top of the list if it was, as all of the others would be too Continue reading Top Five Fast Food Restaurants in Ohio

Famous American Criminal Charles Manson Dies At 83

You’ve probably heard the name Charles Manson before. It’s a name synonymous with insanity and lunacy. After spending over four decades in prison one of America’s most notorious criminals has now passed away at the age of 83.

But who was Charles Manson? In short he was a manipulative cult leader who held a very quirky and odd personality. He held the belief of an impending race war between blacks and whites that would arise from building racial tensions in the 60s. He felt that the Beatles were speaking to him with their music, and titled his predictions after their hit song “Helter Skelter.” To summarize his cult’s plan, while a racial war was going on, him and his crew would be in hiding in a discreet location tucked away under Death Valley, California. When the apocalypse was over and all whites in the world were exterminated, the Manson Family would rise up to meet the now “satisfied” blacks, who he felt were not capable of leading the world. Finally, he would rise up and become the ruler of all people.

Image: Charles Manson being escorted to his arraignment on conspiracy-murder charges in 1969.
Photo of Charles Manson being escorted by law enforcement to his arraignment over his involvement in Sharon Tate murder case. Image courtesy of AP Photo.

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Could There Be Life On This Newly Discovered Planet?

The possibility of life outside of Earth is pretty much endless. Even though we’ve been searching for a long time now, we’ve barely broken the plain with there being literally billions of galaxies out there. We barely understand 1% of our solar system let alone other galaxies. Over fifty years of exploration and we only are aware of and understand 1%, possibly less. With that however we have done a lot and discovered a lot in these years that we would not at all know about otherwise. The newest possible discovery could be the biggest one yet, of course concerning possible life outside of Earth.

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New York City Flexes It’s “Mussels”

poop3b-2-webNew York City has some of the most grimy and grubby waterways, swarming in “runoff from wastewater treatment plants” and cigarettes.With the waters being so mucky, it is nearly impossible for water life to survive. Water plants and fish can’t thrive because of algae, the algae is eating up most of the oxygen; which causes the waterlife to deplete. Algae is mostly found in fresh bodies of water, and is described to be a greenish-yellowish color.  Continue reading New York City Flexes It’s “Mussels”

Dunkin Donuts Vs Starbucks

What was the first thing you thought when you woke up this morning? For some it may have been to get a shower or maybe eat some breakfast but, for about 83% of adults, the first thing to cross their mind in the early morning was coffee. Although the morning is the most popular time to drink coffee some people get it after school, after work, or even to help stay up to do homework. Dunkin Donuts along with Starbucks are the two biggest coffee producers in the U.S. There are approximately 11,100 Starbucks and 7,200 Dunkin Donuts shops around the United States. Continue reading Dunkin Donuts Vs Starbucks

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