The Weather Collection: Kylie Cosmetics

bundle_pic_updated_joyceIn 2016, Kylie Jenner created a makeup brand empire that has taken us by storm.  Since she has created her brand, she has establsihed a path towards a $1 billion dollar compant by 2022. Most recently, Kylie has given birth to her daughter, Stormi Webster Jenner. During the nine months of her pregnancy, she created a new collection that was completely inspired by her daughter, The Weather Collection.

The Weather Collection features two brand new eyeshadow palettes (kyshadows), a highlight palette, 3 brand new matte lipsticks, a new loose “Ultra Glow” highlighter, eyeliner, lip gloss, and “glitter eyes”. You can purchase the whole bundle for $280, or you can pick and choose individual items for yourself!  Continue reading The Weather Collection: Kylie Cosmetics

Clash of Classes

West Clermont is hosting it’s first ever Clash of the Classes on Friday, March 9th. The event will take place in WCHS’s auxiliary gym from 5-8 p.m.

Admission for participants sign-ups and and practice begin at 4:30, admission for spectators will begin at 4:45. At 5:00 class photos will be taken and the class money will be donated to food pantries.

Games begin at 5:15 and the award presentation and photos will begin 7:45. 

Admission is $2 per participant or spectator. All admission fees are donated to local food pantries.

Along with Clash of the Classes, spirit week is taking place this week, March 5-9. Monday’s theme was monochromatic Monday, dress in all one color, head to toe. Tuesday’s was wear your favorite sports team; school, college, or pro. For Wednesday dress in your appropriate Hawaiian attire. Thursday’s theme is pajama day and to wrap up spirit week dress in your class color on Friday. Seniors in navy, juniors in black, sophomores in white, and freshman in grey. 

Come support your class at the Clash of the Classes this Friday!

Catholic Church Concerned about Michigan Child Abuse Bill

The conviction of Larry Nassar, the former USA Gymnastics national team doctor who is set to spend the next 40 to 125 years of his life in prison for decades of sexual abuse, prompted Michigan lawmakers to propose a bill that would retroactively extend the amount of time child victims of sexual abuse have to sue their abusers. The bill, which passed into law on February 20th, is concerning to the Catholic Church, who have shelled out billions of dollars to settle U.S. clergy abuse cases with the victims. Continue reading Catholic Church Concerned about Michigan Child Abuse Bill

Children May Now Enter National Parks For Free In Canada

The Federal Budget of Canada has been revealed for 2018, and with it the announcement of free national park admission for children.

The news came out early Tuesday, and was announced by the Canadian Federal Government. Free access to parks for kids was first noted in a speech by Canadian Finance Minister Bill Morneau. In his recent public address over the Liberal Party’s third budget, he mentioned that the previous ‘free-entrance’ program was such a success that the central government has decided to expand upon it. Continue reading Children May Now Enter National Parks For Free In Canada

China’s Censorship Grows Amid Possible Lifelong Leadership

So it goes without saying that China has a lot of interesting things happening right now with their country and government. As of the past few weeks word has been let out that leader Xi Jinping may be in office indefinitely due to the possibility of presidential term limits being dropped totally, and the country as a whole has just gone ballistic with their use of censorship recently because of it. People are already calling this ‘The Great Firewall Of China’. And it probably won’t end anytime soon, this is more than likely just the beginning and who knows when this might start to calm down over there.

Continue reading China’s Censorship Grows Amid Possible Lifelong Leadership

Should Colleges Pay Athletes

Buzz has been going around about colleges not paying their athletes. A couple of years ago in 2014, college athletes and fans around the U.S. tried to get colleges to pay the players. Even video game fans wanted the athletes to get paid for their work. What do you think should happen with the college and their athletes? Should they get paid or should they just be happy that they are playing their dream sport. 58cfd1f01d000028007cf4c8

The NCAA not paying their athletes has rose to the surface in this past year. This isn’t any new news, This has been brewing in the media for years now. It all started back in 2014 when the NCAA games stopped producing products. People were getting mad from all the money the colleges and game companies were making while t Continue reading Should Colleges Pay Athletes

Student Editorial: Stop the Shootings

For the last couple years all you have heard about is a mass shooting in different places. There was one at a concert in Las Vegas, a shooting in Long Beach Hospital, and now there are more and more shootings in schools. Now we have to find a way to stop these shootings. You have a lot of security in concerts and a decent amount of security in hospitals. What about schools though? Yes, every school has a cop or two but how effective are they in schools that have hundreds or a thousand students? Let’s face it one cop can’t patrol a whole school, which is why Trump suggested to arm the teachers. Is that a good idea though? Yes having adults able to defend there class sounds good but what happens when a student gets ahold of it? There are so many opportunities that arise for a student to grab the gun when the tea Continue reading Student Editorial: Stop the Shootings

West Virginia Schools Protest Hits 4 Full Days

Tensions rise across the ‘Mountain State’ of West Virginia as almost 20,000 teachers, joined alongside nearly 10,000 support staff, who are employed in public schools have been protesting for four complete days. Every public school across all 55 school districts of the ‘Panhandle State’ is closed. According to Alyssa Keedy of the West Virginia Department of Education, there are over 277,000 students enrolled who are being affected. Continue reading West Virginia Schools Protest Hits 4 Full Days