West Clermont Cheerleading Senior Night Photos

The West Clermont Senior Cheerleaders Night was on October 20th. There are 8 girls that were recognized on friday. Those girls are Emma Alsip, Abbey Gullet, Kendall Tucker, Lauren Kresser, Brianna Hamilton, Tara Redmond, Olivia Fahey, and Haley Uhl. These girls walked out with their families to hug the coaches and go in line with their team.

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Woman’s Bowling Info

Ladies are you interested in joining the bowling team? Well good news! West Clermont’s very first bowling team will be having tryouts Friday, November 3rd. They will be from 3pm-5pm. No prior experience is needed! The bowling team needs ladies. If you are interested in getting some extra practice in before tryouts, they are holding conditioning on Sundays. Conditioning takes place at Cherry Grove Lanes from 9am-11am. It costs $8 to get in. So come on out and join The Wolves very first bowling team! For any extra information email Coach Briggs at kevintyronebriggs@gmail.com.

Mysterious Hole in Antarctica

For quite awhile now we’ve been hearing of the dangerous effects of global warming on areas with a colder climate. Specifically the effects on Antarctica, the continent mainly associated with the ice and cold. So it’s usually not a surprise when we hear of holes in the ice or glaciers melting. However this has done little to nothing to calm the nerves of scientists who discovered a mysterious hole some time ago. While it may seem obvious to us how this hole came to be, that might not be the case. Scientists working on studying the hole have been left scratching their heads, as they attempt to figure out just what might have caused this to happen. Continue reading Mysterious Hole in Antarctica

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