Getting Into Good Study Habits

Studying is a very important thing to do. If you do not studying for important test or quizzes, you are most likely to fail. For some people studying is hard to do. If you have good habits for studying then you will be very successful. If you are on of those people that find it hard to study or don’t really now how. Then here are some great tips and habits that you should start doing, so you can pass that really important exam.

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West Clermont Wolves Winter Sports

West Clermont high school is starting their winter sports seasons up in Early November. The first West Clermont Wolves basketball season is gearing up and will begin in November, the boys and girls teams have already held tryouts and began to practice. Conditioning has been happening since late summer, Coach Mazzaro from previous Amelia high school is coaching the boys team and the girls Coach Jeff Click who is from Glen Este High School. The boys are having tryouts on Friday the 3rd. The girls season does not start until late November, but the girls have already had tryouts on October 27th.

The West Clermont Bowling is starting up on November 3rd. There are two coaches for this team. Those coaches are Kevin Briggs and Gary Stroop. There is a $250 fee to go with playing this sport.

Wrestling is also starting up soon the first meeting was on October 30th. There’s only one coach for wrestling this year which is Coach Redmond who is one of the health teachers at West Clermont High. There are two teams JV and Varsity. Practice start at 3:30 at West Clermont on November 3rd which is on a friday. Continue reading West Clermont Wolves Winter Sports

Linkin Park Play Chester Bennington Tribute Show

On July 20th, 2017, Linkin Park front man and vocalist Chester Bennington passed away after committing suicide in a private residence he owned in Palos Verdes Estates, California. Friends, family, loved ones, band mates, fellow musicians, fans and general music lovers around the world were absolutely shocked, along with being in denial and heartbreak as nobody expected his untimely and awful death. Even those the closest to him just felt confused and hurt, especially the wife and six children he left behind. It felt like the entire world mourned the loss of him when the dreadful news broke out. We lost a very talented musician, outstanding voice, son, husband, father and all around great person, but his music and legacy will be honored and remembered forever. A few nights ago that was shown in full effect.

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Join Swim Team this Winter

Are you wanting to join a sport this winter? If you’re just looking for a way to have a ton of fun or wanting to get in shape. It’s not too late to join West Clermont High School’s swim team.  The swim team is both challenging and fun and a great place to meet new friends.  Swim team goes from November to February, competing in 12 guaranteed meets not including sectionals, Districts and State. The team practices Monday through Friday from 3-530 and Saturdays from 8-1030. Continue reading Join Swim Team this Winter

Twitter Announces More Strict Labeling on Political Advertisements

In recent years there has been a growing concern over the legitimacy of political campaigning tactics. One of the many ways political leaders and figureheads reach their expansive audiences is to use advertising services, such as television ads, signs and billboards, or even to air their ads on the internet through video or other various forms of media. These advertisements have been going on for quite some time, but only recently has the use of the internet and popular social media sites been a target for political leaders to try and gain an advantage over their opponents. These types of ads are generally just plopped onto the site like any other advertisement might be, but Twitter has taken a step in the right direction.  Continue reading Twitter Announces More Strict Labeling on Political Advertisements

The Night of One Acts

West Clermont High School is proud to present their very first play production, The Night of One Acts! The students have been working long and hard and it is finally here! Everything is put on by the students. All set pieces were designed and constructed, makeup and costumes designers, lights, sound board, house managers, and ushers are students. The play was directed and casted by Bridget Handkins. The NOOA is consisted of three fairly short, hilarious, one act shows. Starting off the night will be “Competition Piece”. A short play about the struggles of three different groups of students preparing for a one act play contest. Come watch to find out which group wins! The preps? The metal heads? Or the hipsters? After “Competition Piece” there will be a 10 minute intermission. No concessions will be offered. Right after intermission they will hop right into “Check Please”. “Check Please” a comical skit about a series of horrible first dates. Everything that could possible go wrong goes wrong. After “Check Please” is “Nine Worst Breakups”. Follow Katie right after her breakup as Eve shows the nine worst breakups in order to prove that Katie wasn’t that bad. Each breakup being just as funny as the next. The NOOA will take place Thursday, November 2nd, in WCHS auditorium. The play will start at 7:00, make sure to show up early to get good seats! There will be absolutely no food in the auditorium and all phones must be turned off. Make sure to come out and support the WCHS drama production on Thursday evening, Also click to see the NOOA commercial.

9 Last Minute Halloween Costumes

With Halloween right around the corner, it may be difficult to find a costume that you’d be willing to wear in public without the fear of someone wearing the same thing as you. Coming up with your own costume is the simple solution, and it can be really easy if you get a few ideas. So here is a list of easy costumes that you can throw together last minute, but still win best costume at any party.

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