Famous American Criminal Charles Manson Dies At 83

You’ve probably heard the name Charles Manson before. It’s a name synonymous with insanity and lunacy. After spending over four decades in prison one of America’s most notorious criminals has now passed away at the age of 83.

But who was Charles Manson? In short he was a manipulative cult leader who held a very quirky and odd personality. He held the belief of an impending race war between blacks and whites that would arise from building racial tensions in the 60s. He felt that the Beatles were speaking to him with their music, and titled his predictions after their hit song “Helter Skelter.” To summarize his cult’s plan, while a racial war was going on, him and his crew would be in hiding in a discreet location tucked away under Death Valley, California. When the apocalypse was over and all whites in the world were exterminated, the Manson Family would rise up to meet the now “satisfied” blacks, who he felt were not capable of leading the world. Finally, he would rise up and become the ruler of all people.

Image: Charles Manson being escorted to his arraignment on conspiracy-murder charges in 1969.
Photo of Charles Manson being escorted by law enforcement to his arraignment over his involvement in Sharon Tate murder case. Image courtesy of AP Photo.

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Could There Be Life On This Newly Discovered Planet?

The possibility of life outside of Earth is pretty much endless. Even though we’ve been searching for a long time now, we’ve barely broken the plain with there being literally billions of galaxies out there. We barely understand 1% of our solar system let alone other galaxies. Over fifty years of exploration and we only are aware of and understand 1%, possibly less. With that however we have done a lot and discovered a lot in these years that we would not at all know about otherwise. The newest possible discovery could be the biggest one yet, of course concerning possible life outside of Earth.

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New York City Flexes It’s “Mussels”

poop3b-2-webNew York City has some of the most grimy and grubby waterways, swarming in “runoff from wastewater treatment plants” and cigarettes.With the waters being so mucky, it is nearly impossible for water life to survive. Water plants and fish can’t thrive because of algae, the algae is eating up most of the oxygen; which causes the waterlife to deplete. Algae is mostly found in fresh bodies of water, and is described to be a greenish-yellowish color.  Continue reading New York City Flexes It’s “Mussels”

Dunkin Donuts Vs Starbucks

What was the first thing you thought when you woke up this morning? For some it may have been to get a shower or maybe eat some breakfast but, for about 83% of adults, the first thing to cross their mind in the early morning was coffee. Although the morning is the most popular time to drink coffee some people get it after school, after work, or even to help stay up to do homework. Dunkin Donuts along with Starbucks are the two biggest coffee producers in the U.S. There are approximately 11,100 Starbucks and 7,200 Dunkin Donuts shops around the United States. Continue reading Dunkin Donuts Vs Starbucks

LEAP Higher

West Clermont High School and LEAP are partnering up to give students a free opportunities to help prepare students for the ACT and SAT as well as help them earn scholarships! LEAP is program that is trying to better prepare students for bigger, standardised testing as well as college testing and college in general. The LEAP Higher scholarship is for students who have college potential. This means that students who have the aspirations to attend, who have, and have reliable transportation to class. This program is also catering to those who are a little less financially stable, they want to help students who want to go to college but maybe can’t due to financial troubles. LEAPs goal is to make a difference in students live by doing everything they can to help you afford college prep classes. They’ve reached this goal by creating a scholarship program. LEAP only has 50 spots left that are on a first come, first serve basis, although students must be approved by their counselor. To apply for LEAP click the link to see the application. Another goal of LEAPs is that students who go to the interactive workshop will leave with a solid plan for college entrance testing, as well as college in general. If you are interested in attending one of the workshops, the next one is Monday, December 4th, and will take place from 7:30pm till 8:45pm. Workshop space is limited as well so register here. The feedback given from the workshop is given by counselors/principals, and parents is positive. LEAP wants to be a very welcoming and help spot for students. LEAP also offering ACT/SAT writing classes. Students will learn everything they will need to know to be thoroughly prepared for the the writing portion on testing. The next opportunity will be Tuesday, December 5th, and will begin at 7:30. This class is also free but registration is required. Juniors are invited to attend the free diagnostic test. Students will get to experience what it is like to take the ACT and how the setting is. Students will get to leave with their test booklet and answers in hand, as well as this test helps provide a solid building block for their scores. This test is to help students see their strengths and weaknesses, this then helps them prepare and see what they will need to work on.

French Broadcastind Decides The F-word Is Suitable For Air

The F-word is an interesting thing in the fact that it’s turned into such a common phrase and is used so much, yet is still completely barred from television, radio among numerous other things. Now obviously it is still a vulgar word and isn’t necessary for any use, especially in those circumstances. It is obviously still more polite and professional not to use it when you shouldn’t. But with that, think about it for yourself. When you’re by yourself, with friends, playing a game, in an actual predicament or in any situation how often do you sling the f-word along with other similar words around? At the same time it is literally just a word, an expression, a phrase with no real meaning. It seems to be the older population that really keeps it in this light, a lot of them pretending it just doesn’t exist and refusing to associate themselves with it. Everyone else is becoming more lenient when it comes to specific everyday language, the f-word included. People believe that again it is just a word, something so little that we don’t even really think about. If you’re like me, you just know it and are more than comfortable with it. Always have heard it and in that category of just not thinking anything of it. More importantly knowing that as long as you don’t use it when you shouldn’t, it doesn’t change who you are and shouldn’t have any offense taken with it.

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Connecticut Shooting

Nearly five years ago a tragic event occurred when 20 year old Adam Lanza opened fire on on Sandy Hook Elementary, killing 20 first grade students all ages six to seven, along with 6 staff members in the Newtown Connecticut district. Before going to the school Lanza had murdered his mother, and took his own life after first responders arrived at the scene. Lanza had single handedly committed the most deadly mass shooting at a school building in U.S. history. The event opened up a large discussion on gun control in the united states, in turn many families of the victims took to court against major gun producers. In 2016 many lawsuits were dismissed, but now the families have taken the suit to the Supreme Court to receive justice for the unlawful deaths of their loved ones.

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