Is Water Wet?

There has been a big universal debate about how water is or isn’t wet. It’s quite the big discussion on social media. It’s actually a very close percentage of how many people think it is and how many people that think it isn’t. Many people have their own opinions. Many people also have their own questions, but the big question is, is it actually wet?

First off let’s go off of the opinions of people that say it’s wet. One has said, “you cannot possibly say that when something submerged in water only becomes wet when it reaches air.” Meaning that if something is wet, the molecules in the water makes it wet and water is already wet itself. The opposite of wet is dry, so if people saying water isn’t wet then it has to be dry, which obviously water isn’t dry. So therefore because water is saturated with itself and can make something else wet, it can be defined as wet, people can’t say that something is only wet when it comes into contact with air.

Now let’s go to the opinions of people that say water isn’t wet. Many say that wetness is a description of our experience with water. Some use the example of being underwater, just because you are underwater doesn’t make you wet, it just means you’re underwater. wet is described as a solid being touched by a liquid but not submerged in a liquid as that “being underwater”. Being wet is coming in contact with any liquid not just water. Water isn’t wet, and that water is just water.

Do you personally think water is wet? Is wet a description or does the molecules in the water make water wet? Both sides have pretty good arguments. Being wet can have many different meanings depending on someone’s interpretation and what they consider something being wet. Join in on the big discussion and give your own opinion.

Fortnite V Player Unknown Battlegrounds

This may be the biggest question in gaming this year…is Fortnite better than Player Unknown Battlegrounds?  Many of the original battle royale players will argue that h1z1 is the best of any game with this specific game mode. Then, there is the players of these two who think that it is outdated and the new generations of the mode have taken over.


Player Unknown Battlegrounds was the first one to be released on Steam and many players flooded in to get the winner winner chicken dinner at the end of the chaotic battles. It became the biggest trending thing on Twitch and was viewed by millions. Every console gamer was waiting for Bluehole Studio to release this masterpiece on consoles, but then, out of the blue, a rival came along…Fortnite.

download (11) Cover picture of PUBG (


Epic Games released their game in the middle of the hype. These two soon came to be huge competitors and now since PUBG is being released to consoles the conflict will be even bigger than what it was in the beginning. This game is the more animated sci-fi version of the battle royal with a cartoon-style game play. Right when this game was released millions bought it and started to chase the wins in the many different game modes.

download (10) Cover picture of Fortnite Battle Royale (


Bluehole immediately responded to this outrage and said, “Please don’t copy us.”

They were expected to see a decline in players for they were the greatest in the time without Fortnite, and this did happen. I have asked players of the games which one they would pay money for and it is honestly at a midpoint standoff of which game they think is better. So, I believe that once the game is on consoles across the world, we will be able to see which game is truly the more popular. Maybe, it will be even more of a half and half fanbase when this happens, or maybe the PUBG players will be in disappointment when everyone chooses Fortinite, or the vice versa.


Here are the release dates of each game and other information:



-July, 25, 2017


-Epic Games, People Can Fly


-Just reached 30 million players



-March, 2017


-Bluehole Studio, PUBG Corporation


-Just reached 30 million players




Should the NFL ban TNF?


The latest controversy in the National Football League is the banning of Thursday night games. Seattle Seahawks cornerback, Richard Sherman even went as far as writing a story called “Why I Hate Thursday Night Football”. He called it a “poopfest” and explained how they do not give the players enough time to recuperate from their games just four days earlier. However, he was not alone with his opinion. Many players, coaches, and even fans have been trying to ditch Thursday night football for many reasons. Here are some of the following reasons; player safety, quality of the games and over saturation. They believe Thursday night games should only be played on Thanksgiving.

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WCVD Fundraiser

Is wrapping presents not your strong suit? Do you have a young child who wants a picture with Santa or likes to make crafts? Well you’re in luck! West Clermont Vocal Department is having a holiday fundraiser! On Thursday, Dec 14th, West Clermont Vocal Department will be at WCHS wrapping presents from 5:30pm till 9:30pm. Wrapping will cost $1.00 present with your own paper, and $1.50 with theirs. If you would like ribbons or bow that will cost an additional $.25. There will also be a bake sale, even with vegan and allergie free goodies. Along with the bakesale there will be a spot to makes crafts as well as an area for Santa where you can take a selfie with him. Since the fundraiser is for WCVD there will be festive caroling with many of the holiday classic such as Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Carol of the Bells, Jingle Bells, and more! The entire fundraiser is going to be run by students with some help of parents and Mr. Baley. All of the funds go towards West Clermont Vocal Department and helps them go on future trips, such as being able to go to competitions. So please come out and support WCVD.

The Possible Problems With Media

For a very long time now and especially in this last year, a lot of people are making efforts to tackle media outlets in accusations of spreading lies and “fake news”. From famous celebrities to full media outlets, and even our own president more than anyone wants this problem to be fully dealt with. The issue is becoming more and more prevalent every day with the help of social media and other people or outlets spreading things like wildfire whenever they can, and this factor can be both great and horrible in their own ways.
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Sexual Harassment Behind The Scenes

At least 34 men from entertainment industries to politicians to high powered men have been accused of some sort of sexual harassment. Most of these men have had some sort of consequence for their awful actions. These men are people you hear about all the time from Oscar winning actors to stand up comedians. All of these accusations started mostly because of Harvey Weinstein. Multiple women came out saying that Harvey has sexually harassed them. This led to giving other women and men the courage to stand up and bring the attention to how much this happens behind the scenes. Continue reading Sexual Harassment Behind The Scenes

Legal drinking age

     Picture yourself at a party and you’re celebrating, drinking, having fun, doing what most people but you not old enough to have a drink of alcohol even though your 18 and you think your responsible enough to control yourself. Bummer, right?

  During a recent Twitter poll 77% of people think the legal drinking age should be 18 and 23% of people think it should stay 21. On this poll it was mostly teenagers who voted, so they more than likely voted for 18 but maybe being 18 and allowed to drink alcohol isn’t a bad thing.

  Obviously being 18 and drunk has consequences but so does being 21. Some pros of the legal drinking age being 18 are: allowing 18 – 20 y/o to drink alcohol in regulated environments with supervision would decrease unsafe drinking activity, lowering the MLDA from 21 to 18 would diminish the thrill of breaking the law to get drunk, more teens will be drawn out of private places like fraternity houses and  dorm rooms to more public places like bars where they can be monitored. Also 18 is the age of adulthood ( in the United States at least) and adults should have the right to make their own decisions about alcohol consumption.

On the other hand there are some cons to being 18 and allowed to drink. For example: it would be medically irresponsible; alcohol assumption can interfere with the development of young adults brains.already people under 21 have an easy access to alcohol so lowering it to 18 would cause middle schoolers to have an easy access. Allowing 18-20 y/o to legally go buy alcohol would only increase the number of people in alcohol related crashes.

  Of the 190 countries, 61% have a drinking age of 18 or 19 years old. The United States and 11 other countries have have a MLDA of 22 y/o, the highest MLDA of all countries its is legal to drink other than India where its 30   y/o.


Net Neutrality: What It Is And Why It’s Important

Due to pushes by the FCC, people living in the United States may soon have major changes to the internet that would affect them everyday. What’s happening? The potential loss of net neutrality.

But what is Net neutrality? Well, according to Battle For The Net, it’s the principle that internet service providers such as Comcast, Time Warner/Spectrum and Verizon shouldn’t have control over what customers see and do online. Supporting net neutrality is supporting free speech, as ISPs would be prohibited from throttling or outright blocking different websites that don’t pay. This would include potential censorship of news organizations and social media.

Internet service providers would be allowed to slow down connection to any site they feel, which would promote monopolies and hurt start-up businesses. The creation of an internet “fast lane” would appear, where connection is free to those who would pay more for privileges we already have access to now. That would leave “slow lanes” for everyone else. For example, if a streaming service like Netflix wouldn’t pay up, users would have to deal with excruciating slow connection, or instead use the ISP’s own service. This grants companies like Comcast/Verizon a powerful monopoly over competition, and restricting the ability for the Netflix/Spotify of tomorrow has a fair opportunity to bloom. Continue reading Net Neutrality: What It Is And Why It’s Important

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