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5 College Football traditions

College Football throughout the years has had some traditions that schools tend to do during the football season. Since this is the 150th year of college football we are going to look back some of traditions of college football. The first ever football game was between Rutgers University and the College of New Jersey which is known as Princeston today. Here are some common college football traditions:PAGE BREAK

Taal Volcano Erupts In Philippines

This past Sunday, the city of Manila was told to evacuate immediately after their thought to be dormant volcano, Taal erupted. The capital of the Philippines, Manila and other little cities surrounding it is consisted of roughly a million people. All of the people were expected to evacuate from their houses, leaving everything in the path of the volcanoes eruption.


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West Clermont Levy

You may have heard that there is a new levy being placed in the March ballot for West Clermont Local Schools. The vote will have a huge significant impact directly on the students and teachers at West Clermont. There’s not a single member of the family of schools that won’t be affected. So, here’s what will happen to the parents, teachers, and most importantly, the students if the levy doesn’t get passed.

Greatest Test of Trumps Presidency

Through his presidency, Trump has had many test that he had to pass. From the democrats trying to impeach him, to getting bashed for being racist. But this is his 694940094001_6119774804001_6119783524001-vsgreatest test by far. Only a select few presidents have had to deal with war. President Trump has the greatest power in the palm of his hand.

He could just do what everyone wants Trump to do, which is make mistakes and prove to his haters that he isn’t a good president. But with the upmost surprise, President Trump has handled this really well.

Trump didn’t fall to the standards that everyone has set for him. He rose up and made the decisions which were in America’s best interest.

Since December of 2018, Iran and their leaders have verbally attacked the U.S. and physically attacked American Military Bases in Iraq. Iranian military leader Qasem_110433521_iraq_military_base_640-ncSoleimani has been to blame for the death of over 600+ U.S. troops.

On January 3rd,  When Qasem Soleimani  was with a terrorist group in Baghdad, Trump gave the clear for the U.S. military to send drone strikes and killing the military leader.

When President Trump went public with the news of the death of Qasem Soleimani, the nation erupted. From the democrates calling Trump a murder, to kids making World War III Jokes on Tik Tok. This was all the world was talking about.

Shortly following the death or their military leader, On Tuesday night, Iran launched 10 missiles on American basses in Iraq. No Americans were injured in the attack as they all reached underground bunkers in time.


The next morning, President Trump held a press conference on the issue. Trump downplayed the attack and ensured that there are no threats with the country of Iran. We currently are watching Iran closely, but are not expecting any more attacks.


World War III

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Donald Trump

2020 has just begun and so much has already happened in the U.S. and it’s national relations. With the passing of President Trump’s impeachment for many crimes, the country has been on the edge of their seats. Especially with the conflict in the eastern hemisphere. The Iranian Military Leader, Soleimani was killed in a drone strike that was carried out by American troops. Soleimani was visiting Iraq due to Iran’s ties with them to help rebuild their government. A missile was shot at a vehicle he was riding in. Iran called for three days of mourning, no one is quite sure what is coming next. Some claim that the reason for all of this was for a diversion away from Trump’s impeachment, so he can stay in office. It was a war crime so this could make things worse for him. This strike never went through the rest of the government and was announced by Trump himself from his resort in Florida. There is already talk of drafts for the very possible war going through the public.  Hit “2” to read more

Crazy Facts You Didn’t Know About Christmas

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Christmas is one of the largest holiday of the year for christians, it’s celebrated alongside Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and other religion’s twist and reason for the holiday. Christmas is meant to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. People decorate their houses with trees, lights, and the colors red and green. We tell our children that on the night before Christmas day Santa will deliver all the presents they want and will leave them under the tree to be found in the morning, this is due to the story of St. Nicholas. Around 280 A.D. he gave away much of his wealth to the poor and sick. He was well known for his kindness. He would travel around Europe and help anyone he could. The name “Santa Claus” came from his dutch name “Sinter Klass”, when America heard of the Dutch Morning St. Nicholas’ death. Now that you know more about the history of christmas, here are some things that you may have never heard.

No One Knows when Jesus Was Born

Although we celebrate Christmas on December 25th and claim that is was the day Christ was born, it is never stated in the Bible the exact date he was born. The date was decided by the Catholic Church, they wanted to celebrate His birth be having a feast which was made for December 25th. The date has just carried on through history.

Christmas Was Banned Twice

Christmas was banned in both England and the United States. In England, 1644, it was made illegal due to it causing partying, along with a mass amount of drinking. When English set out to find the “New Land”, the English brought this doubt of Christmas with them. Christmas was also banned in the America’s after settlement and wasn’t made a federal holiday until nearly 1870.
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