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Should Students Take Out Loans For College?

One of every students nightmare when it comes to college is the money. Weather that be making money while going to college or taking out money to actually go to college. College can cost more than $35,000 for a regular four semesters. This is a lot of money for almost everyone. There are a luck few who have college savings or achieve scholarships, but that’s only around 50% of all students. So what about the other 25 million students around the world who need money for college.


Many students feel like they have to take out loans and go to college in order to succeed and pay for college. That’s not the case though, there are many different ways you can pay for college and not have to take a loan out. Although many students know there are other ways, they are still scared that they won’t be able to pay all of college with just a job. This is why millions of American students take out loans from the bank each year in order to go to college and fulfill their aspirations with their dream job. Continue reading Should Students Take Out Loans For College?

NBA 2018-19 MVP Candidates

The 2018-19 NBA season has been amazing so far. From amazing records broken to stars rising up and showing what hey have in them. The MVP race has been a tossup for most of the season, but as were entering into the finals stages of the regular season, few candidates are still in the mix. From spectacular dunks and performances to record breaking streaks, here are the list of the top 5 candidates for the 2018-19 NBA MVP trophy.

2067655No. 1   Giannis Antetokounmpo

Giannis has been outstanding this year, carrying the Bucks to the best record in the league. Not just the conference, the whole league. The “Greek Freak” has been unstoppable in the paint and has even managed to hit a few jump shots this season. Giannis is averaging 26.6 PPG, 12.6 RPG, and 6 assists per game. This new face for the NBA has had a huge impact on the league and teams around him. The Bucks were a mediocre team just a few seasons ago and now there a legit finals contender. They have surprised everyone in the east by surpassing the 76ers and the Celtics in the conference. Giannis is surrounded by shooters on his line-up which gives him wide open driving lanes to do whatever he wants against the opposing team. This makes him virtually unstoppable with his size and speed. It’s going to be hard for any other star to pass him up on the MVP status.


1685255No. 2   James Harden

Harden has also been an outstanding player this season. No matter what the defender does, they can not stop Harden from scoring the ball. Harden is leading the league in PPG with 33.7 and is only fourth in the NBA in assists with 8.7PG. Harden has been deadly with his signature step-back three. His three pointers have been amazing, averaging 14.4 three pointers per game this season. Harden has broken the record for the most continuous 30 point games. Harden’s 30 point streak has just ended with 32 games in a row. That is a record that will most likely never be broken. “The Beard” has shown and given it his all this season and is another top pick for the 2018-19 NBA MVP trophy.



1715792.pngNo. 3   Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi has been Kawhi this year. After getting traded to the Toronto Raptors, Kawhi was not happy. Even though his move to a completely different team was hard for him, it did not effect his game. Kawhi is averaging 27.3 PPG and 7.9 RPG. Kawhi has put the Raptors in the perfect position to knock off Golden State in the playoffs this year. Even though Toronto has a team driven play style and still Kawhi is averaging those points. Kawhi is also a lockdown defender averaging almost 2 SPG. His defense is a huge factor in his position in the MVP race. As the season finishes out and the playoffs are in sight, we might see Kawhi step up his game even further and become an elite candidate for MVP.


400553.pngNo. 4   LeBron James

LeBron has been struggling this season compared to the past. The past few season were arguably the best of his career. Carrying the worst team in the NBA to the finals multiple years in a row. Now that he switched to the Lakers and doesn’t have to carry all his teammates on his back, he can take it easier and prolong his retirement by years. Still with LeBron not going as hard as he can right now he is still in the race for MVP averaging 27.3 PPG, 8.3 RPG, and 7.1 APG. LeBron has and will always will be an MVP candidate. He has the highest basketball IQ of any who has played the game before him. He also has powerful trade influence among players throughout the league. “The King” is without a doubt the most valuable player to have on your  team.



No. 5   Russell Westbrook

Westbrook is number five one this list. He has been playing out of his mind this year averaging 22.5 PPG, 11 ASP, and 11.3 RPG. Hes is averaging a triple-double and currently holds the record for the most consecutive triple-double games in a row at 4. Russell Westbrook would be higher up on this list. If he didn’t have other stars on his team like Adams and George, he might be able to show off his skills. Even so, Westbrook has put on a great performance this year and hopefully many more years to come. Can’t wait to see what Westbrook does in the playoffs this year.

About the Super Bowl

With the Super Bowl closing in many people will be watching it on television and at the game. The Super Bowl is on February 3rd this year at Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta Georgia. The teams that are in the conference championship are Saints vs. Rams and Chiefs vs. Patriots. All these teams have high powered offenses and will most likely be some high scoring games. The trophy you win if you win the Super Bowl is the Vince Lombardi trophy. 

The trophy got its name in honor of Vince Lombardi who led the Green Bay Packers to the first two Super Bowl wins. The Super Bowl has an average of 111 million viewers every year. Last year’s Super Bowl had gotten 113.3 million viewers, and the most ever views was Super Bowl 44 the New Orlean Saints vs. the Indianapolis Colts. That Super Bowl got 114.4 million viewers. Many people have asked the question, what is the biggest American television sporting event?

The Super Bowl has been said to be “undoubtedly the biggest American television event every single year”. The Super Bowl is not the most watched sporting event globally though. The average attendance at the Super Bowl is about 100 thousand people. The most ever at a Super Bowl is 103,985 watchers. Also the players in the Super Bowl are allotted 15 tickets each but only two are free.

Homecoming 2018

On September 29, 2018, West Clermont High School held their second homecoming. The theme was “A Night in the City” and a lot of students really enjoyed all the decorations that went along with it. All the decorations were spectacular and set up very well. Students had said that the music that was played was not very good but the decorations and fun experiences with hanging out with friends and socializing really made up for it. People were laughing, dancing, and most importantly having the best time of their lives. That really went well with the theme A Night in the City because in the city everyone has a good time and at WCHS it really portrayed that well.

Current student at West Clermont High School Alexis Pride said “Homecoming was so fun with my friends, the DJ only played a few good songs. But overall it was a good time”. Senior Jack Towell also a current student had said “Homecoming was fun but also sad because it was my last one. A lot of people came and a lot of people disliked the music the DJ played”. They were not the only ones that said that. A lot of other students had said the music was not good but still had a great time. Students still showed up with all smiles and had an amazing time there. It was really a night to remember.

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Wolves Homecoming Over View

On September 29th the West Clermont Wolves had their second homecoming, and yes it was a blast!

The theme was “A Night In The CIty” the main colors were gold, white, grey and black. There were balloons everywhere as you can imagine. Of course there is twinkle lights everywhere! Everyone really enjoyed the end of the dance when balloons were dropped from the Celine.Out of asking a majority of people who attended the dance said they would rate the decorations ⅘. They all thought a lot of time and effort was put into the decor.

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Should The NFL Take Out The Kickoff?

Ever since I could remember there was always the famous kickoff to start every football game. It was the moment that sparked the game and you were always hoping there was that one chance that a big play would come out of it. Now the NFL might be taking out the kickoffs all together.

Baltimore Ravens v Philadelphia Eagles

The president of the Packers and member of the NFL Competition Committee, Mark Murphy stated that even with the new rules that help protect the players and safety for everyone involved, the kickoffs are still a dangerous part of the game.


Even with the two new rules applied to the game, there still have been serious injuries to players due to the kickoffs. They moved the kick to the 30 yard line and the touch back zone up to the 25 yard line to avoid the number of returns. Still there are 11 players running full speed hoping to get a huge hit on the kick returner.


There have been multiple cases of concussions from the kickoff alone. Concussions are a serious injury that can lead to long lasting brain problems. Mark Murphy and others have come out and are trying to get the kickoff to be taken out fully. Then there are others who just want to change the play so it isn’t as dangerous. They are still trying to find a way to change the play so it doesn’t have such and impact on the game and is safer for the players. 2012-07-24-mark murphy

I think they should not take out the kickoff completely, but I do think they should make some changes. They should have the kicker alone come out onto the field at the 15 yard line. Then where ever the ball lands is where the drive should start. The touch back area would just be the touchdown and then they would be able to take it at the 25 yard line. Who do you side with and what do you think the NFL should do?

How To Take Care Of Your Specific Skin Needs

The key to flawless makeup application is what goes underneath. One of the most helpful tips of advice I have learned is that, skin care, and understanding you skin type is essential. Our skin is the largest organ in our body, and it is important to take care of it, as you can prevent early sign of aging, and prevent acne.

91750601If you use too abrasive of cleansers or toners this can affect oily skin especially because now your skin dry, even though it is recommended to constantly wash and tone your face.  But, this will result in your skin having to working overtime trying to reproduce the oils that you stripped away. Continue reading How To Take Care Of Your Specific Skin Needs