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Oscar Nominees

The Oscars are a big part of the film industry. They pretty much tell you what’s the best of the best. If you receive one of these you are most definitely doing really well in your industry. To receive this award you are at the top, there is no higher award to receive other than this one. This academy award show is solely based on movies whereas the Golden Globes focuses on movies and tv shows. The Oscars started all the way in the year of 1929. The first award was given on May 16th, 1929. 90 years later, here we are with the Oscar nominations. Here below will be the full list set of who’s said to be in the running for their 1st or another Oscar! Continue reading Oscar Nominees

Is the tap water in Bangkok safe to drink?

Is the water in Bangkok bad for you? According to, Bangkok is a relatively safe and healthy place for visitors to travel to unlike many other less developed Asian cities. But this does not mean that the tap water is safe to drink, especially for visitors. The water is produced by the water authority in Bangkok and is perfectly drinkable when it leaves the plant, but after it will then travel through old, dirty, and broken pipes before it enters your tap.IMG_E9940

This is the reason it is unsafe to drink the contaminated water in Bangkok. If you ever happen to travel to  Bangkok you might happen to see the locals drinking tap water and thinking, “ Are you crazy?”. The locals have built up an immunity to the specific microbes in the Bangkok water that, us, as visitors do not have, so drinking the tap as a visitor is more likely to make you will then if you were a local. Your stomach will not be prepared for the foreign types of bacteria in the water, since they are different from the ones in the United States.

IMG_E9941You may wonder how would visitors stay hydrated when visiting if it is it safe to drink the tap water? Well according to, your best bet is to keep yourself hydrated by drinking bottled water rather than drinking tap water. Also, many apartments and high end hotels, guest houses, and hostels in Bangkok will have a filtration system and will have a card next to the sink to let you know that – that water is safe to drink. But bottled water is so cheap and more refreshing, most travelers tend to drink bottled water more so they don’t have to worry about getting a stomach bug that will ruin their trip and all their plans. In the end, there is little risk of becoming ill from indirect exposure to the water so showering and brushing your teeth is not going to hurt you, so please still do that!!

Houston Astros scandal and what is to come

The year was 2017 the Houston Astros just won the 2017 World Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers but they didn’t know what the road ahead was going to be like. This all started when Mike Feirs who was on this Championship team who is now on the Oakland Athletics said that they were stealing signs during the World Series. “The Houston Astros sign stealing scandal refers to a series of incidents where members of the Houston Astros baseball organization stole signs of opposing teams through means against Major League Baseball’s (MLB) rules. The story was originally reported by journalists Ken Rosenthal and Evan Drelich in The Athletic.” Since the beginning of the investigation there have been 3 coaches have been released and 1 General Manager , Aj Hinch(2015-2019) the Head Coach during the World Series run Boston Red Sox Alex Cora (2018-2019) the bench coach of the Houston Astros and Left Fielder Carlos Beltran (2019-2020) who was the Head Coach of the New York Mets. When they went back to the tape they were banging on a trash can in their dugout and the number of times they hit it determined what pitch it was.

The Bachelor Starts Again

The Bachelor is a Reality Show filled with drama, love and sometimes hate. The theme of the Bachelor is to have the guy finds the love of his life from picking through 30 girls. That he will meet and get to know them through dates and one on one time with all of the girls who either he finds interest in or if they win a date with him. The 24th season just came out on January 6, 2020.


 The new season is set in Agoura Hills, in the Bachelor Mansion. The Bachelor this season is Peter Weber, he is a 28 year old commercial pilot for Delta Air lines. There are 30 girls this season are: Victoria P, Victoria F, Tammy L, Sydney H, Shiann L, Savannah M, Sarah C, Natasha P, Mykenna D, Madison P, Lexi B, Kiarra N, Kelsey W, Kelley F, Jasmine N, Hannah Ann S, Deandre K, Alexa C, Alayah B, Payton M, Lauren J, Megan H, Maurissa G, Kylie R, Katrina B, Jenna S, Jade M, Eunice C, Avonlea E, Hannah B. There are two episodes out already for this season. 

Getting your license 101

As teenagers gain life experiences and explore their lives, one major thing that can open up many freedoms as a teen is getting your license. Driving can be a scary thing, and taking your drivers’ exam can be nerve-racking, but as long as you prepare yourself properly you’ll do just fine. Here are the steps to getting your license as a teen.

indie music

What Exactly is Indie Music?

Originally, independent music, often referred to as indie music, is music produced independently from commercial record labels, a process that sometimes includes a “do it yourself” approach to recording and publishing. The term became associated with the music they produced and was initially used interchangeably with alternative rock. The term “indie rock” became associated with the bands and genres that remained dedicated to their independent status. Initially, the term “indie” was used for British-based music, while “alternative” was used for American, but over time the two have become fused together.