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Sleeping Makes You Smarter

Everyone in the world should spend roughly 1/3 of their time sleeping. Sleep is necessary to stay alert and ready, but it also effects our ability to learn new information. And researches are coming to find out that sleep enhances our memories. For example if you stay up late all night studying for a test you have early the next morning, you’re not going to be able to remember all the information you took in because you stayed up the whole night before. Continue reading Sleeping Makes You Smarter

Last Surviving Ruth

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Julia Ruth Stevens, the daughter of baseball legend Babe Ruth, has died suddenly at the age of 102. Julia was the last surviving daughter of Babe’s. She was adopted into the Ruth family in 1930 and she took her last breath on Saturday in an assisted living facility in Nevada. “She lived a full life and tried to do her very best to perpetuate the legacy of Babe in a positive way,” Julia’s son Tom, described his mother as “Babe’s biggest fan”. She was born in 1916 when her parents split shortly after she was born. She moved to New York with her mother Claire Hodgson, when her mother met Babe Ruth in 1923 while they were there. Julia described her childhood with Ruth one time by saying, “I have this vague image of this huge man, who was really nice, coming to visit Mother, and he’d pick me up and set me on his lap and ask me little questions about how I was. If mother and I went out with him, people just crowded around.”

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Chef Boyardee Recall

2,871 pounds of rice and chicken products are being recalled due to misbranding and undeclared allergens. Some of the products may contain milk and wheat and are not declared on the product label. They are labeled as chicken and rice products despite containing beef ravioli products. They were produced and packaged on January 16, 2019 and include the 7.5 ounce canned microwavable bowls of “Chef Boyardee rice with chicken and vegetables”. The ‘best by’ date on the can was labeled as July 8, 2020 and they were shipped to grocery stores in New York, Florida, and Kentucky.

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More Migrant Families Arrive at Border

Over the years, the U.S has had problems with illegal immigrants entering the country. Since Trump was elected as President of the United States in 2016, he had this plan of building a wall to keep all illegal immigrants out. The wall is a total of 1,954 miles between the United States and Mexico borders.

Since the beginning of the construction, it has made it a lot harder for immigrants to reach their destination. They have tried going in pairs, singles, and even in families. None of those have worked recently. “The U.S Border Patrol apprehended more than 66,000 migrants at the southern border in February” ( It was the highest in almost a decade. Many people’s reasons for leaving their home country is simply so they can feel more safe and encounter more freedom in the U.S.

Over in Central America, there is more crime, poverty and gangs than what we see here in the U.S. People that don’t want any part of that try to flee so that they can be in better living conditions. Many families don’t want their younger children to grow up in that environment so they send their children off first and then later on hopefully join them.

The Border Patrol officials say they haven’t seen anything like this in many years. Usually it is single men that are trying to get across the border not loads of families arriving in busloads. They worry that the design of the wall will not keep all these families from arriving. They are already reaching the maximum capacity of immigrants in custody and it is so far causing a lot of problems.

The biggest problem is trying to provide medical attention and food to those families that are in custody, waiting to be released. “Many humanitarian groups near the border say the surge of migrant families is straining their resources, too” ( The people that are in charge of these groups that help the families and children in custody say that it takes a lot of effort to provide all the materials these immigrants need.

Trump says that the wall borders need to extend further, but many people have argued that it’s not the wall, it’s the people that are trying to get in. They say that the wall does no good, yes it keeps people out but there are still parts to where people have gotten in when there is still fencing of old ways to keep them out. “Migrant advocates counter that the Trump administration has made the problem at the southern border worse by allowing just a few migrant families a day to cross at legal ports of entry” ( By them doing that, it can really cause a problem and overflow to the population over time.

Worlds Biggest Bee Spotted

The bee has been known for producing the honey that you may eat with biscuits, and beeswax that can be incorporated into many essentials that we use in our everyday lives. At one point they have been in the running for becoming extinct and many people had to be careful when seeing one to make sure they did not harm it. Luckily, that is no longer a concern. They are out of the danger zone and back to where they need to be. But, have you ever wondered, do bees come in different shapes and sizes? The answer is yes. There are about 16,000 species of bees that are known.

With having a variety of different bee species, have you ever thought to yourself, is there a kind of bee that is the biggest? Well let me tell you this, there is! Over in Indonesia, the Megochile Pluto was spotted for the first time since 1981. It almost quadruples the size of the average honey bee. Now that’s a big bee! The Megochile Pluto measured at least an inch and a half long with a tongue of close to an inch.

These winged creatures were first discovered by Alfred Russel Wallace, a British naturalist and explorer who was known for the evolution of natural selection. Wallace would travel everywhere, ranging from the East Indies, and Brazil. While in Indonesia, he stumbled upon a unknown species that later became known as the Megochile Pluto. These bees were later named ‘Wallace’s giant bee’ because of their unbelievable size in appearance.

Many people would be frightened to see this kind of bee. However, others think it is fascinating to see “this ‘flying bulldog’ of an insect that we weren’t sure existed anymore — to have real proof right there in front of us in the wild” ( What’s intriguing is they are not just unique when it comes to there size, but how they build there habitats. Normal bees build their homes out of beeswax in which they produce themselves. Inside their homes, are hexagonal cells that contain pollen, nectar, and honey. Megochile Pluto’s use use “resin and wood to create tunnels and cells in existing nests, carving out their own living space away from the termites” (

Even though these bees have reappeared back into our generation that we live in now, they are still one of the rarest kinds of bees. It is crucial that scientists keep an eye on them so that they can keep reappearing and are able to be here for more generations.

National Emergecy

Last week President Trump declared a national emergency on the southern border to insure that he would get the billions of dollars in funding needed for his long awaited border wall. This Friday, House Democrats will initiate action to try and block the emergency declaration. They believe that the declaration is an overreach of the President’s power, and it the national emergency should be cancelled.

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Justice for George Pell’s Victims

George Pell, a cardinal in the roman catholic church, has been found guilty of sexually abusing two thirteen year old boys in 1996. Two months ago in December the case was brought to light but in order to not sway the jury the details of the trial were withheld from being released to the public due to suppression laws. Now, twenty two years later the two choir boys have justice against a man who abused not only them but also his power at an archbishop at the timeBSS64ARZMEI6TIDMH3EO2UE5CU

Due to law in Victoria state its illegal to name victims of sexual assault*

The victim stated that it took him years to understand the impact the assault had on his life. Pell was fifty five at the time when he caught two young choir boys drinking communion wine after a Sunday service when he forced himself upon them. The living survivor of Pell said he was left feeling “shame, loneliness, depression and struggle” as a result of the abuse. He has never spoken out against Pell in fear of his position in the church. “At some point we realize that we trusted someone we should have feared and we fear those genuine relationships that we should trust.” said the victim about how he has coped since the tragedy. One of the boys has since died of an accidental heroin overdose in 2014 at the age of 30 before he could see his abused receive punishment for his vial deeds. 6c39379942a378ba7e8d5e98423c47cfHe had never spoken to his parents about the abuse, the father now believes that the assault is what led his son to turn to drugs. Lawyers representing the father of the other victim had compelled him to speak up, in his realization of what happened to his son he said he believes his son suffered from post traumatic stress disorder. He had a scholarship St. Kevin’s because of his singing voice, however his attitude was severely affected at school after the abuse. His fellow school choir member described him as a bully who became withdrawn, completely estranged from his past self. If he was questioned about what the problem was he would avoid, or straight up deny the question.

California Man Who Spent 39 Years in Prison Gets $21 Million For Wrongful Conviction

          A resident of California was convicted back in 1978 for the murder of his former partner and her child. It was a heinous crime no doubt, but what if he didn’t commit it?

          This is the cruel reality for Craig Coley. Coley, 71, was charged and sentenced for the murder of his former partner, Rhonda Wicht, and her son. The child was only four years old at the time. It all went down in their apartment, and Coley was the lead suspect. After being locked up for thirty nine years the man has been freed, and is being compensated for the mistake. Continue reading California Man Who Spent 39 Years in Prison Gets $21 Million For Wrongful Conviction

Surprising Moments from the 2019 Oscars

The most prestigious and respected award show of the season has come and gone once again. The Academy Awards, better known as ‘The Oscars’, took place this past weekend at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. Attended by the years most talked about actors and actresses, directors and production teams, there was plenty to talk about during the live red carpet and telecast. It seems the most buzz worthy moments were two surprising wins in big categories.

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