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Pre-Season Baseball Interview


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The West Clermont baseball season is right around the corner. I decided to interview some players that have played in the past to get their intake on how the 2020 season will go. Logan Schmidt, a senior at West Clermont has played baseball for 13 years and plans on attending the University of Cincinnati where he will be majoring in pre-physical therapy and minoring in statistical analytics. Braden Meadows, another senior at West Clermont has played baseball for 14 years and plans on attending either Mount Saint Joseph University or Bluffton University where he will continue to play baseball and major in crimal justice.

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The Legacy of Kobe Bryant


Kobe Bean Bryant was born August 23, 1978 in Philadephia, Pennsylvania. Influenced by his father, Joe Bryant, a former Philadelphia 76er, Kobe played the sport of basketball at just age three. Bryant continued to play in Philadephia until age six, where his father left the NBA and moved to Rieti, Italy. Joe continued to play professional basketball in Italy until 1991 when the Bryant family returned to the United States. 

Top College Football Teams of 2019

The 2019 College Football Season just ended last December with a total of 130 teams that competed for the highest ranking. In this article, I list and explain the top ranked college football teams of the 2020 season. (

Louisiana State University Tigers Football ranked number one last year. With a cumulative score of 15-0 wins, they did not lose a single game they played. Including their 7-0 home and 5-0 away games. And because of all their wins they managed a score a 1550 points, the highest out of all other college football teams.

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Reds No Hitter

Yesterday was a very rough night for the players, coaches, and fans of the Cincinnati Reds baseball club. The Reds got no hits in the game and lost 0-2 against the Oakland Athletics. This loss brought the Reds to a record of 15-21 leaving them sitting at the bottom of the NL Central. This is the first of a three game series with games 2 and 3 tomorrow and Friday respectively. The Reds surely have some slack to pick up before the game tonight if they want to redeem themselves and swing the series in their favor.

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Kentucky Derby 2019

The annual first Saturday in May came around over the weekend and with it was the Kentucky Derby. The Derby itself got started out to a rainy, muddy race day but riders prevailed. The first race in the run for the Triple Crown is always highly anticipated and competitive but this year saw something that has never happened in race history. The winner of the most famous horse race in the world was disqualified after a 22 minute debate by stewards. Continue reading Kentucky Derby 2019

First Round of NBA Playoffs

The first few series of the NBA playoffs are coming to an end with many already over and the only series still undecided is the Spurs/Nuggets, Jazz/Rockets, and Warriors/Clippers series. The teams already moving onto the second round of the playoffs include the 76ers, the Toronto Raptors, and the Portland Trail Blazers. All three of these series ended in 5 games in relatively short and uneventful games.

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