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Every high school student can relate to the horrible mornings of going to school. Waking up at 5 in the morning Monday through Friday is no fun for any teenager who loves to sleep in and stay out late. That’s why high schoolers like the weekend until Monday rolls around again and we are back on the schedule of early morning wake ups. So why do schools think it is a good idea to have students wake up so early for school?They think that 7:00 is a late enough time till you factor in time to drive to school and the traffic to get into school. That’s when the staff realizes that students have to get up earlier than they think.

Everyone knows that you aren’t truly awake when you first get out of bed. So what do people think happens in first bell, that we actually comprehend what the teacher is lecturing about? First bell we all are still asleep but trying to act like we aren’t.Students don’t truly wake up till about third bell, so in all honesty the first two bells of school are a waste of time.What is the point of coming to school when we aren’t really awake to learn what the teacher is trying to teach us? There is no point.

The biggest problem of going to school so early is what happens if you wake up a little late. You start scrambling to get ready and hope you can make it on time to only get caught in traffic of everyone else that is late or went to breakfast to skip first bell. If school started later maybe all the unexcused tardies would go down a bit. Many upper class man don’t show up on time because they want to sleep in a few extra minutes and then get breakfast. Yet schools decide to keep starting early and prolonging the school days. West Clermont High School starts at 7:45 and doesn’t end till 3:00 in the afternoon. Three doesn’t sound late until you factor in the 20 minutes of traffic it takes to get out of school and the hour or so of homework a student has. For students that have jobs, sports or clubs after school they don’t get home till 8:00 at night which doesn’t leave a lot of time to finish things for school.

Which leads to the second point, it might be a good thing school starts earlier rather than later. With teenagers being active people (even though adults won’t agree that we are) we need all the hours after school that we can. Most students have jobs after school, sports,or a club. There have been times this year where West Clermont’s theatre group didn’t get home till 8:00 or later. Now imagine the homework they have to do and what time they are going to be able to get all of it done. If school went any later students would have no down time, it would be what we did in the morning, school, sleep, repeat. That would leave no time for jobs after school which means that students would not be able to buy food or gas. Jobs are essential in helping people mature. Which is one of the biggest things adults complain about. They feels we don’t have enough responsibility so teenagers need to have jobs to help that. So it can be a good idea to have school start a little earlier so we can get out sooner. It shouldn’t be that hard for people to get up early if they want to get breakfast or to get up at all. Every choice a person makes has consequences and it would be better for people to learn that in high school than later in life.

Going to school early or late will have many different opinions from different people.

Some will agree that it will be more productive for the students of it starts later so they are actually awake for the first couple of bells. Others will think to keep it early so we can do stuff after school. If students really want to sleep then go to bed early instead of staying up really late.After looking through articles about what is best I still think it is better to have it early. High School students don’t need to go to breakfast every day before school. All they need to do is go to the grocery store and buy some food. I would rather have time after school to hang out than sleep in and stay late at school. Besides getting up to school will just help us later in life when we have to get up to go to work. Delaying the time of school starting doesn’t really help anything because students will just stay up even later than they already do.

Jay Feely’s Prom Picture Fiasco

It is officially prom time, for some prom is already over and others it is almost here, and what is everyone’s favorite thing for dances: posting picture. Everyone loves getting on social media and looking at others photos and stealing ideas. Of course then you have dads who love torturing the boyfriend with the old gun in hand photo that just screams “IF YOU HURT MY DAUGHTER….”. Everybody knows this is the oldest act for dads yet for Jay Feely- an ex NFL kicker- this blew up. Jay posted a picture of him between his daughter and her boyfriend with a gun in his hand that is by his leg. Now this is nothing new and can tell it is just a joke by the looks on their faces yet people seemed to get mad at it. One person commented “Oh yay – American dads have kicked off the season of “let’s pretend I’m going to shoot my daughter’s date for impugning her chastity””. After seeing this comment Jay commented back “THe prom picture I posted was obviously intended to be a joke. My daughter has dated her boyfriend for over a year and they knew I was joking. I take gun safety seriously (the gun was not loaded and had no clip in) and I did not intend to be insensitive to that important issue.”. It is true that gun safety is a big issue but if you look at the picture you can obviously see that his finger wasn’t near the trigger and he is holding the gun very carefully as if it was loaded. All things considered I doubt this would have blown up if somebody else posted this picture that wasn’t famous. Every dad gives the daughters boyfriend crap about treating their daughter right so why is this any different? Granted this isn’t the most appropriate picture to post with high schools different but you can tell that Jay is being careful about where the gun is pointed. Yes, there are many points about how people can see the picture differently but that is are own faults. We can’t look at all pictures with a gun in it and explode on the person who posted it. Jay was just making a joke with his daughter and her boyfriend that was completely harmless but people decided to ruin with drama. Both the boyfriend and daughter look happy and look like they are going to laugh. Only Jay is pulling off the serious look but even he looks entertained with himself. Yes, prom pictures are supposed to look cute but you also have to have fun and doing the old dad picture should not have this big of a blow up.

Kyle Plush’s Death

Tuesday night the police got a call from Seven Hills high school student Kyle Plush at 3:16 pm. In the calls he was pleading for help. He was apparently desperate for help while the dispatcher was trying to get a location of where he was. The operator was trying to ask for his location and Kyle said “Seven Hills” several times but he wasn’t saying it clearly enough for her to understand what he was trying to say. In the second phone call to the police Kyle said “I probably don’t have much time left, so tell my mom I love her if I die, I’m trapped inside my gold Honda Odyssey van. In the (inaudible) parking lot of Seven Hills Hillsdale.”, he also told the to send officers immediately that he is almost dead. Seven minutes after the call two police officers were sent to investigate the call. They arrived to the location a few minutes after that but couldn’t find the van.  Continue reading Kyle Plush’s Death

Avondale Shooting

Last week a 22 year old man named Rashon Watson Jr. was shot and killed in Avondale Ohio on Tuesday. He was taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center where he died. Within an hour of his murder two people were put into custody on Prospect Place and Reading Road, which are streets in Avondale Ohio. Another five people were taken in on people of interest, but no names were given. Lieutenant Steve Saunders said that none of the suspects have been identified as of yet.

ShotSpotter a gunshot detection technology that covered the area of the shooting interestingly enough did not go off. Which leads the police to think that the person who killed Rashon was in a car or indoors. If he was indoors or in a car the sound would be muffled and that is why the shot didn’t activate ShotSpotter. ShotSpotter is a device that picks up on gunshots that alerts the police when a shot is fired so they can act quicker and get to the scene faster.

Though Rashon died, the city has done better in keeping people safe. This is only the third shooting to happen in Avondale this year but only the first that someone died. Where last year there was 10 shootings by this time and 13 shootings to happen in 2016 at this point in the year. The police are still looking for any information that can get to make Avondale safer from these violent acts and encourage for anybody to give them any information they can offer.

Student Editorial: Stop the Shootings

For the last couple years all you have heard about is a mass shooting in different places. There was one at a concert in Las Vegas, a shooting in Long Beach Hospital, and now there are more and more shootings in schools. Now we have to find a way to stop these shootings. You have a lot of security in concerts and a decent amount of security in hospitals. What about schools though? Yes, every school has a cop or two but how effective are they in schools that have hundreds or a thousand students? Let’s face it one cop can’t patrol a whole school, which is why Trump suggested to arm the teachers. Is that a good idea though? Yes having adults able to defend there class sounds good but what happens when a student gets ahold of it? There are so many opportunities that arise for a student to grab the gun when the tea Continue reading Student Editorial: Stop the Shootings

Racism Stand

On February 7th at Walnut Hills Senior night the girls Loveland and Walnut Hills took a stand against racism. During the National Anthem the teams locked arms and held hands as a stand against the February 2nd game where a person yelled racist insults. The coaches had decided to show unity at their game and decided on this.

You have to give the team credit for doing something as good as this, both the coaches have said they are in unique situations. Loveland’s coach Darnell Parker is a black man coaching a team that is mostly white. Where Walnut Hills coach Adam Lazar is a white male coaching a mostly black team. After the game both coaches left the game proud of what they did and what their team did, as they should be. Darnell Parker said “You can’t solve problems with division. You solve problems by coming together and uniting.” At times like this where people think it’s hilarious to be insulting to people because of the color of their skin people need to hear that.

A lot of coaches think they are only supposed to teach on the court but not off. Which is wrong the whole point of a team is to stand up for each other and to have their back. Not just to pass so they can score. Darnell and Adam decided they wanted to teach their girls more than basketball. They want to teach them what is right and what is wrong. That you can’t be mean to somebody just because of skin color, because they might be the nicest person you will ever meet. Hopefully other teams will follow this lead and have all players come together because the National Anthem is suppose to honor this country not tear it apart. The idea of both teams together should have been thought of long before this. We all live in one country but one race is shot down because of the color of their skin.

This world needs more people who will do something like this. To open up peoples eyes so they realize what is coming out of their mouth. A lot of people think it is funny to yell out racial slurs or to constantly make jokes about it. Sooner rather than later they will find out that it won’t make them cool. Why is all of a sudden racial slurs are coming back this strong? Have the people that are yelling this stuff probably don’t even know what it means. So good job Darnell Parker and Adam Lazar for thinking of an idea to show unity and to teach your girls what being an actual person is about.

Kings Jersey’s

Some of you may have heard about the Kings boy’s recreational basketball team’s jerseys. They were playing against West Clermont‘s rec team when finally a parent said something. There was many things wrong about their jerseys that definitely should not have been approved of. First off their team name was The Wet Dream Team. Second they had racial slurs and sexual remarks on the back where there last names should have been. The two names that were photographed were “coon” and “knee grow”. Now you can obviously see how that should have never have been passed.  Continue reading Kings Jersey’s

Defend A Friend

Defend a Friend club has started this year. They are meeting on Tuesdays in room 106. The club meets every Tuesday at 3:10. Defend a friend is a club to that is to help stop bullying. It is a great club that comes up with cool ways to lighten people’s’ mood. In the past they have put sticky notes around the school with nice sayings to brighten your day. Defend a friend was started at Glen Este by a student who was bullied and wanted to find a way to stop it and to help others who were bullied. There is about 3.2 million high schoolers bullied a year. It would be great if West Clermont was bully free. Our school should have a big Defend a Friend club to help stop those who think it is ok to pick on someone. Everyone has helped someone and felt good about it, so why not feel good everyday while you come up with ways to help someone. Defend a Friend came up with a play they performed in front of the school one year. It was a great play that really showed what bullying could do to someone. You can go to a meeting at any time and if you decide you don’t want to go you can stop. If you go you probably won’t want to stop though. We walk the hallways of this school and don’t see what is really going on. Students in our school could be bullied and we don’t notice. So join the club and and find a way to make a difference for those who are getting bullied in our school.

Coat Donations

Our school is having a coat donation this winter. If you have any old coats that no longer fit you or you no longer like you can take them to Ms. Burris in room 325.There is a big blue barrel that is in her room that you can put your coats in. The coats need o be gently used though. Our school wants to make sure that everyone can stay warm this winter. They are giving to kids that are around our community that cannot afford to buy new coats. This also a barrel in the main lobby for you to drop off your coats. If you tell Amanda or sign the sheet that says you donated Ms.Burris will give you a coupon for a free cheese coney from Gold Star. They are taking donations through January 10th. It is getting colder and colder, the last thing people want to be is without a coat on so please donate coats that you no longer use. There is about 1.35 million kids in America who experience homelessness every year. In the winter they are constantly freezing, one coat could make a huge difference to the children who freeze in the 20 degree weather that we endure in Ohio. There is 800,000 people in America that are homeless each night, now imagine how they felt over the weekend while it was around 20 degrees. While we were able to sit in our cars or homes warm they had nowhere to go. So if you see a coat that you could donate sitting around please donate them to our school to help those who need them.

Homecoming Floats

The competition this year for the design contest for the floats was really hard. All of the floats were amazingly done and everyone who was a part of it should be really proud of themselves. Student council for each grade had to choose a movie to decorate their float. All the classes chose great movies this year and they were able to decorate their floats amazingly. It was a very tough competition this year so if you were a part of it be proud even if you didn’t win because your work payed off at the very end.   The Freshmen Float theme was West Side Story. The Freshmen didn’t place in the design contest or the spirit contest but they did have a pretty cool float. They showed some school spirit too by adding the wolves vs tigers signs for our homecoming football game on the float. Good job Freshman on your float it is really well done. 

The Sophomore Float theme was Singing in the Rain. This year the Sophomores won the first ever West Clermont float contest. They did not place in the spirit contest but you can’t win everything. The cool thing about their float was that they wrote every sophomores name onto the bricks on the float. Good job Sophomore’s this year on your win. 

The Juniors Float them was James Bond. They placed second in the spirit contest with a 37%. They didn’t place in the design contest but they did have an amazing float and by the way they placed in the spirit competition it sounds like they had a blast making it. So congrats Junior’s on your second in the spirit contest. 

The Senior Float theme was The Wizard of Oz. The Senior’s got a second in the design contest and a first in the spirit contest with a 49%. The Senior’s had an amazing float and were having a great time building the it. The Senior’s are also the only class that placed in both competitions this year so congratulations on that. 

Congratulations to all student council members for your amazing floats. Sophomore’s good job on your win in the design contest. Junior’s good job for your second in the spirit contest. Senior’s great job with your win in the spirit contest and your second in the design contest. Freshmen better luck next year but you did an amazing job. Lucky for you guys you got another three years. Senior’s good job on your last ever homecoming float in High School.