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Should Schools Eliminate Homework?

Many households battle the daily late night homework struggle to complete assignments that are given by teachers. In fact, nothing stresses students out more than homework does. Having too much homework can take a toll on a student’s life whether that being physically or mentally. There has been a long-running debate on the purpose of homework as well as the advantages and disadvantages. Would students be more successful in school if homework assignments were to be eliminated? The best way to determine the true answer, is to consider the disadvantages and advantages when it comes to homework. Continue reading Should Schools Eliminate Homework?

People’s Response To Food

Image result for cookieA  study found that while one person may be able to eat a cookie with no effects, it may not affect someone else the same way. People’s blood sugar rise and fall differently. The same diet affects everyone differently. Researchers have found that diets should be designed to fit each person’s individual needs. Not everyone is the same physically. While someone be able to eat anything they want, other people don’t eat half as much and experience some troubles. Continue reading People’s Response To Food

How To Become Successful

The number one goal in life that everyone wants to achieve in life is to become successful. Many people have a hard time meeting that goal though. Everyone wants to make their family proud or make themselves proud. Some people have a hard time meeting their goals and don’t know how to accomplish them. This article is to help those who struggle with distractions and accomplishing the path to their goals, here are some tips to help achieve anything you want in life. Continue reading How To Become Successful

How to Manage School and Sports

Do you ever just get tired from going to school and then a sport right after? Sometimes you feel like you don´t want to do homework when you get home because of exhaustion. Balancing your school work, personal life and your athletic commentment can be overwhelming and exhausting. Learning out how to manage everything can result in clearing stress and enjoying your highschool experience rather than dreading it. Success in both sports and academics comes down to working hard and and balance. Continue reading How to Manage School and Sports

Animals Help With People’s Depression?

Most people own pets because they like them. What some people may not know is that pets can help people with depression and other physical and mentalproblems. Depression is a mental disorder. It can affect sleep, work and any other activities that people may enjoy. Depression can be a one-time event or it can last a lifetime.

It can be treated with prescription drugs, exercise, dietary changes  and therapy. Experts believe that pets can have a positive impact on people who have depression. Pets really do have a positive impact on the lives of their owners. My dog and cat always show me love and attention. They can bring me up when I am in a bad mood so I can see how this can be true Continue reading Animals Help With People’s Depression?

How To Get Good Luck

A lot of people ask why others have it better. Why do people have more health problems? Why do people have more success and wealth? Why do people have more pride and prosperity? Many people say or believe that it’s because of good or bad luck.

Positive thinking attracts luck. Studies have shown that if you think positively, it can help you have better luck. So talk yourself up, think to yourself that you have or will have good luck. It’s nearly impossible to have good luck if you all you do is think negatively. Continue reading How To Get Good Luck

Is Water Wet?

There has been a big universal debate about how water is or isn’t wet. It’s quite the big discussion on social media. It’s actually a very close percentage of how many people think it is and how many people that think it isn’t. Many people have their own opinions. Many people also have their own questions, but the big question is, is it actually wet?

First off let’s go off of the opinions of people that say it’s wet. One has said, “you cannot possibly say that when something submerged in water only becomes wet when it reaches air.” Meaning that if something is wet, the molecules in the water makes it wet and water is already wet itself. The opposite of wet is dry, so if people saying water isn’t wet then it has to be dry, which obviously water isn’t dry. So therefore because water is saturated with itself and can make something else wet, it can be defined as wet, people can’t say that something is only wet when it comes into contact with air.

Now let’s go to the opinions of people that say water isn’t wet. Many say that wetness is a description of our experience with water. Some use the example of being underwater, just because you are underwater doesn’t make you wet, it just means you’re underwater. wet is described as a solid being touched by a liquid but not submerged in a liquid as that “being underwater”. Being wet is coming in contact with any liquid not just water. Water isn’t wet, and that water is just water.

Do you personally think water is wet? Is wet a description or does the molecules in the water make water wet? Both sides have pretty good arguments. Being wet can have many different meanings depending on someone’s interpretation and what they consider something being wet. Join in on the big discussion and give your own opinion.

Wolves vs. Redskins

        The Wolves Football came with a great comeback during the 4th quarter, scoring a touchdown making it a tie game at 3:12 on the clock. It was a great effort put in by the Wolves! Everyone was very proud of the Wolfpack. Ryan Cann, Austin Price, Tyler Steinker and Jacob Kilgore each had touchdowns. The wolves scored 0 points the first quarter while the Redskins scored 14 points.

The second quarter the Wolves scored 6 points, the Redskins scored 13. The third quarter the Wolves made a comeback bringing in 28 points with a total score of 34. The Redskins scored 15 bringing their final score to 42. No points were scored in the fourth quarter by either teams. The final score of the game was 34-42 for a tough but hard work loss by the Wolves. Finally, football player Ryan Cann is up for deciding the athlete of the week with 254 yards and 2 touchdowns total!