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The Bachelor Starts Again

The Bachelor is a Reality Show filled with drama, love and sometimes hate. The theme of the Bachelor is to have the guy finds the love of his life from picking through 30 girls. That he will meet and get to know them through dates and one on one time with all of the girls who either he finds interest in or if they win a date with him. The 24th season just came out on January 6, 2020.


 The new season is set in Agoura Hills, in the Bachelor Mansion. The Bachelor this season is Peter Weber, he is a 28 year old commercial pilot for Delta Air lines. There are 30 girls this season are: Victoria P, Victoria F, Tammy L, Sydney H, Shiann L, Savannah M, Sarah C, Natasha P, Mykenna D, Madison P, Lexi B, Kiarra N, Kelsey W, Kelley F, Jasmine N, Hannah Ann S, Deandre K, Alexa C, Alayah B, Payton M, Lauren J, Megan H, Maurissa G, Kylie R, Katrina B, Jenna S, Jade M, Eunice C, Avonlea E, Hannah B. There are two episodes out already for this season. 

Top 3 BuzzFeed Unsolved Videos

If you love learning about true crime and learning about unsolved mysteries, then these videos are the best choice for you to watch. These videos are on Amazon Prime and on Buzzfeeds youtube channel. The two people who tell you about the unsolved crimes their names are Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara. Ryan and Shane sit down with evidence and show you pictures of the timeline the crimes has happened and how the crimes happen and they tell you theories about what people believe what actually happened backed up with evidence to prove the theories could have actually been an answer. 

Here are some of the most popular and interesting Buzzfeeds unsolved: 

  1. The Creepy Murder in Room 1046: This is Episode 6 season 2 on buzzfeed: True crime, This video is about a murder of Rolan T. Owen, that happened in a hotel room, but no one saw anyone come in or out of the hotel room. January 3 1935, The hotel maid Mary Soptic went to stop by his room to clean it but found his door to be locked from the inside, so she went into the room to see owen in his room and asked her to keep the door unlocked he had a visitor coming later so she did, then later that day she went back up to Owens room to see Owen sitting on his bed with barely any light coming and then he picked up the phone and was on the phone with someone saying ¨No I am not hungry¨ he said that a couple of times then he started asking her a bunch of questions about her job, then Mary left, then later that week the bellboy got a call saying that the phone in room 1046 has been unhooked from the wall for a very long time, so he goes to check on Roland and finds Roland laying in his bed with his head split open and that he was dead.  If you want to learn more click here  To continue reading more about these top crimes click page 2 below.

Varsity girls basketball

Willa Davis

1. What is the hardest thing you guys do in practice? Probably our screen series drill because it requires a lot of movement and knowing your spots and position to be in as well as communication.

2. Who are you most excited to play and why? Milford and Ursuline because girls from my AAU team play on those teams.

3. What is your favorite thing about basketball and why? The adrenaline i get from it and the way i can think and see things because it makes me like it so much more .

4. Who on the team pushes you the hardest? Probably Courtney because she is normally who i guard and she is a very aggressive and well skilled player so she’s good competition.

Willa posted this on instagram

5. What types of drills do you guys do in the practice? A lot of drills to do with our offense and screen and roll things as well as defensive drills to help with our communication and movement on the floor.

Willa and her teammate Katlin Howe

Rapha International

  Rapha house is international safe house for children who have been sold into sex trafficking all around the world. There mission is to try and stop sex trafficking all around the world. Rapha house knows as Rahpa International now because they have saved a bunch of children from sex trafficking and bringing them to the safe house all around the world. 

Rapha house was founded by Stephanie Garman Freed, Stephanie founded Rapha International in 2003. Her father challenged her to research the issue of Human Trafficking in Battambang Cambodia. 15 years later after her research Rapha International became a safe house for children survivors of Human trafficking.

This is Stephanie Garman Freed the CEO, this is posted on Rapha’s website

Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star’s Palette

We all know and love Jefree Star and Shane Dawson but what if I told you they dropped a palette together on November 1st 2019. On September 24 2019, Shane Dawson posted a video called “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star trailer”. Showing his subscribers what his new series on Jeffree Star would be about. On October 1st 2019 Shane posted the very first video of his 6 part series, titled “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star.”

If you have been watching Shane for a while you know that Shane made a series a year ago talking about the secret life of Jeffree Star. In one of the video’s Shane and Jeffree were joking about Shane making a palette. Well it turns out, Shane liked the idea and so did Jeffree. They decided that they were going to make a palette. 

Costume Ideas

If you can’t figure out what you want to be for Halloween and you need help let me help you. If your going as a group and you need a costume or a couple costume here are some ideas.

  1. Lydia and Beetlejuice: If you do not want to do all of the makeup you could just buy a stripe shirt and stripe pants for the boy and the girl you could just wear all black and do a little bit of black makeup if you are doing the regular beetlejuice and Lydia but if you want to do the wedding then the boy could just buy a red long sleeve jacket and wear a white shirt underneath and wear red pants and spray a little bit of green in your hair but for the girl all you really need to do is wear a red dress and a red veil.
Regular Lydia and Beetlejuice

Mandela Effects

If you enjoy hearing about weird or creepy things, then you should know about the Mandela Effect. Mandela Effects are false memories of items and things that you would believe are true, but actually it’s all wrong. It is something completely different from what you believe. The Mandela Effect got its name from  Nelson Mandela, who died in 2013. Yet people remember distinctly of him dying in prison in the 80s. 

In society we are taught to believe what we see, the Mandela Effect proves that our brain tells us otherwise. Things change around the world all the time due to the Mandela Effects. Here are some of the most popular Mandela Effects.