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If the Playoffs Started Today

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  The NBA playoffs start On April 14, this date may already be set in many of the top eight teams in both conferences. But, in both the Western Conference the standings are so close, that standings 4-9 are just one game apart from each other. With that in mind, if playoffs started today, these are the match ups that we would see.

Eastern Conference

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   The eastern conference standings are fairly set for this years playoffs. The standing of the top eight teams may change but for now here is who will play each other.

The first game would be the number 1 seed, Toronto Raptors, facing against the 8 seed, Washington Wizards. Over the regular season, The Toronto Continue reading If the Playoffs Started Today

Best Shoulder Workout

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Many people will go to the gym but will not work solely on their shoulders. Due to this, these people can have deficiencies within their shoulder muscles. Today you will learn how to target your shoulders throughout a workout to maximize your results.

1.) Dumbbell Lateral Raises

The first exercise of this workout dumbbell lateral raises, this workout can be done by anyone and can target your shoulder muscles very well. This exercise will be 4 sets of 12 reps. To complete this exercise, you will first need to grab Continue reading Best Shoulder Workout

The Best Chest Workouts to Maximize your Muscles.

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Summer is right around the corner and to get the best summer body, you will need to work out your pectoral muscles. Your pectoral muscles/ chest muscles allows you to get the “V-taper” that many men look for when working out for their summer bodies. Each exercise in todays work out should be 4 sets of 10-12 reps each. Today you will learn the 6 best chest workouts to maximize the work the you put in.

The first chest workout is dumbbell chest press, this workout hits almost all of your pectoral muscles including your tri-cep. For this exercise, you will need to hoist two dumbbells up while you lay down flat on a bench. Continue reading The Best Chest Workouts to Maximize your Muscles.

The Best Workout Plan for Bigger Arms!

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  Men and women of all ages strive to get bigger arms, although many can succeed in creating large muscles through supplements like creatine, many also fail or create muscles imbalances. Today you will learn how to create bigger arms for beginners without the need of supplements as well as learning to create well developed muscles.

When starting your workout, you will need to stretch out and allow your muscles to lose any tightness. Then you are going to start the first exercise of six different exercises. The first exercise is Continue reading The Best Workout Plan for Bigger Arms!

Top Eight: Weirdest Sports

There are many sports that everyone knows, those sports include basketball, baseball, and football. But not everyone knows sports like wife-carrying or Sepak Takwar. Today you will learn about many new sports that you have probably never heard and maybe even want to play yourself.

8.) Hornussen

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Hornussen is a sport that comes from Switzerland where an athlete will hit a puck know as a “Hornuss”. Once the puck is hit, it can move as fast as 300 km/h and will even make a buzzing sound like a hornet. Continue reading Top Eight: Weirdest Sports

2018 College Football Playoffs

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  In the 5th modern era college football playoff 4 teams were selected to face off. The fourth ranked team was Alabama, this selection had controversy as soon as the public discovered it. Many believed that Ohio State had earned the fourth ranking from the tough schedule they had throughout this season. But with Alabama’s dynasty of winning many of the championship games, they won the vote and were heading to the National Championship Playoffs.

The third ranked team was the Georgia Bulldogs. The Bulldogs had to become the SEC champion this year to get into the playoffs due to a loss against Auburn. Once Georgia played Auburn once again in the SEC championship game, they were not to be out done again. The Bulldogs were unleashed in this game winning 28-7 advancing them to the National Championship Playoffs. Continue reading 2018 College Football Playoffs

How to Play Ping Pong

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  Table tennis, or more commonly known as ping pong, is an Olympic sport in which two or four players hit a lightweight ball across a net. Table tennis requires an athletic background with quick reflexes and good coordination.


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  Before you learn how to play, you must first learn the basic rules. The first rule of the game is that the serve must bounce on your side of the table and then onto the opponents’. Once the ball is served, your opponent then will allow the ball to hi Continue reading How to Play Ping Pong

Russia Banned from the Winter Olympics

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The IOC, International Olympic Committee, is now excluding Russia from the 2018 Winter Olympics. This year the winter Olympics are being held in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Some Russian athletes will be allowed to compete, but will not be allowed to compete under the Russian flag. They will rather compete under the Olympic flag.

According to Gianni Verschueren, Russia was excluded from the Winter Olympics after the IOC had a very long and extensive investigation into systematic doping under the ROC, Russian Orthodox Church. In this investigation, The IOC found that Russia had manipulated anti-doping rules and system while in Russia. The findings led to an Continue reading Russia Banned from the Winter Olympics

Top Five Fast Food Restaurants in Ohio

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  Fast food restaurants are all over the United States, but what are the best fast food restaurants in Ohio? Well, that question cannot be answered with just one restaurant due to everyone having different tastes. But today we can effectively find the top five fast food restaurants.

5.) Arby’s

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  Although this list is not in any particular order, Arby’s would be very close to the top of the list if it was, as all of the others would be too Continue reading Top Five Fast Food Restaurants in Ohio

Top Five card Games

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  A card game can be any game that involves a deck of playing cards with set rules. Although the standardized rules may change between culture or region for the card game being played, it can be a great way to interact and get to know others. Everyone knows which card game is their favorite, but if you may want to try new games to play, you can find new fun games here. Continue reading Top Five card Games