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Fear of Another Mount St. Helens Eruption

Almost 40 years after the disastrous and deadly eruption of Mount St. Helens on May 18th, 1980 in the state of Washington killing 57 and leaving $1.1 billion in damages after leveling over 250 homes, it is feared that the volcano may again erupt. Recently an earthquake with a magnitude of 8.2 struck Alaska and has triggered tsunami warnings across its coasts, and it is feared that it will awaken Mount St. Helens with the mountains threat level already being described as “very high” and shockwaves running through the northwestern United States.

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Does Rodman Have The Answers?

Well known by everybody, the country of North Korea and it’s leader Kim Jong Un aren’t the United States’ best friends. In fact, very much the opposite of that. The tensions between our country and government along with theirs continually grows and grows and has been doing so for decades under numerous leaders. Never have we been at close ties with them and we probably never will, and now is the worst it’s ever been. With our president being as ruthless as ever, never holding any words or threats back and North Korea always despising us. Nobody really knows what to do to make this issue the slightest bit better let alone solve it completely, except for one possible person you wouldn’t at all believe.

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The Possible Problems With Media

For a very long time now and especially in this last year, a lot of people are making efforts to tackle media outlets in accusations of spreading lies and “fake news”. From famous celebrities to full media outlets, and even our own president more than anyone wants this problem to be fully dealt with. The issue is becoming more and more prevalent every day with the help of social media and other people or outlets spreading things like wildfire whenever they can, and this factor can be both great and horrible in their own ways.
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Could There Be Life On This Newly Discovered Planet?

The possibility of life outside of Earth is pretty much endless. Even though we’ve been searching for a long time now, we’ve barely broken the plain with there being literally billions of galaxies out there. We barely understand 1% of our solar system let alone other galaxies. Over fifty years of exploration and we only are aware of and understand 1%, possibly less. With that however we have done a lot and discovered a lot in these years that we would not at all know about otherwise. The newest possible discovery could be the biggest one yet, of course concerning possible life outside of Earth.

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French Broadcastind Decides The F-word Is Suitable For Air

The F-word is an interesting thing in the fact that it’s turned into such a common phrase and is used so much, yet is still completely barred from television, radio among numerous other things. Now obviously it is still a vulgar word and isn’t necessary for any use, especially in those circumstances. It is obviously still more polite and professional not to use it when you shouldn’t. But with that, think about it for yourself. When you’re by yourself, with friends, playing a game, in an actual predicament or in any situation how often do you sling the f-word along with other similar words around? At the same time it is literally just a word, an expression, a phrase with no real meaning. It seems to be the older population that really keeps it in this light, a lot of them pretending it just doesn’t exist and refusing to associate themselves with it. Everyone else is becoming more lenient when it comes to specific everyday language, the f-word included. People believe that again it is just a word, something so little that we don’t even really think about. If you’re like me, you just know it and are more than comfortable with it. Always have heard it and in that category of just not thinking anything of it. More importantly knowing that as long as you don’t use it when you shouldn’t, it doesn’t change who you are and shouldn’t have any offense taken with it.

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President Trump In Regards To North Korea: “Do Not Try Us”

For an extremely long time now, possibly decades even, the United States as well as many other countries have been at odds with North Korea. Through many presidencies and different eras in the U.S. the country and their leaders have been a recurring issue of big proportions, but with that have been steadily been almost ignored by us for the most part. That is until this year with the election of our current President Donald Trump, who is for certain taking matters fully into his own hands for good or bad.

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Linkin Park Play Chester Bennington Tribute Show

On July 20th, 2017, Linkin Park front man and vocalist Chester Bennington passed away after committing suicide in a private residence he owned in Palos Verdes Estates, California. Friends, family, loved ones, band mates, fellow musicians, fans and general music lovers around the world were absolutely shocked, along with being in denial and heartbreak as nobody expected his untimely and awful death. Even those the closest to him just felt confused and hurt, especially the wife and six children he left behind. It felt like the entire world mourned the loss of him when the dreadful news broke out. We lost a very talented musician, outstanding voice, son, husband, father and all around great person, but his music and legacy will be honored and remembered forever. A few nights ago that was shown in full effect.

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WWI Memorial Cross To Be Torn Down After Controversy

The First World War was one of the deadliest and life changing wars in history next to the second World War and the Civil War, and with this it’s a piece of history. Teenagers will probably always learn about it in schools, veterens’ family members will remember their loved ones who served, and memorials scattered all around the world will also honor them. One of these said memorials has been struck by some controversy though, and has been voted to be torn down.

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USA Soccer Team Does Not Qualify For World Cup For First Time In Three Decades.

For the first time in three decades, the men’s USA soccer team did not qualify for the 2018 World Cup this past week after a 2-1 loss to Trinidad and Tobago. The team only needed to defeat or tie in this game to qualify. All in all this is a pretty tragic loss for the team and really for the entire country, very upsetting for the players, the managers and especially the fans. A lot of people have possible reasons as to why the loss may have happened why it hurts so much and why it is such a tragic loss.

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Las Vegas Gunman Updated Background and Details

    A little over a week ago on October 1st 2017, the worst mass shooting in American history occurred at the Route 91 Harvest music festival in Las Vegas Nevada. The gunman was later identified as Stephan Paddock of Mesquite Nevada. Using many fully automatic weapons, Paddock shot down at the festival from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel causing mass chaos and an end result of 489 injuries and 58 casualties before taking his own life shortly after before authorities got to him. He was 64 years of age.

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