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Valentines Day on OTR

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Since Valentine’s day is coming fast you are making your plans for you and your significant other. Cincinnati has some of the best romantic places for valentines day. One of these places is OTR. OTR stands for Over the Rhine. Over the Rhine has been very popular in the last 10 years. It has been built up and renovated a lot. Many big businesses have moved in over the years. Starting this Friday Over the Rhine is the place to go. 

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2020 Oscars

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If you didn’t catch the Oscars on Sunday February 9 here is what you missed. “Parasite” the South Korea movie really took over as it won 4 of the biggest awards of the night. They were nominated for 6 all together. The four they took home were  Best Original Screenplay, Best International Film, Best director, and finally Best Picture. It seems as if this was a big shock, yet also expected since the movie was thriving on everything. This is the first time in 92 years an International film has won best picture and multiple awards.

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West Clermont Performing Arts

There are so many great things about our school at West Clermont. The Art programs at West Clermont are very important to the students and teachers. Not only do we have programs during  school, we have so many after-school programs as well. During school hours those include band, choir, dance and piano. During the whole the day, music is flowing through out the school. 

West Clermont’s Band is an outlet for a lot of students. I have been told that you make some of your best friends in band. The West Clermont band has been taught by Brain Fischer since the school opened in the summer of 2017. Among the Seniors that have been in band since the beginning, Sophie Jennings shared what being in West Clermont’s band means to her: “Band has shown me how to manage my time, be more organized and so many more things. I have learned to come out of my shell and become more extroverted. I used to be a very shy person, but band has taught me how to be myself around more people. All of my friend group has come from band, and I have made a family that I will forever appreciate. Our band director, Brian Fischer, has shown that he isn’t just here for the money. He is here to share his love of music with the students and teachers of West Clermont.” 

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Australian Bush Fires

Sadly we all heard about the tragic wildfires in California, but now across the world Australia is also burning. “Australia has suffered a devastating early bush fire season with fires across several states burning through hundreds of thousands of hectares and destroying hundreds of properties with the loss of six lives.”-(

In Australia they call these fires, “Bush Fires”. Bush Fires have caused so much damage to Australia for far too long. This year the fires started early. In Queensland 20 homes were lost so far. In Victoria winds were very high mixed with the heat wave they experienced on Thursday night caused a code red. The emergency services said it was the worst they have ever seen. 

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Wrestling Preview

West Clermont High School is starting up it’s winter sports. Started on November 14 was WC’s first Wrestling practice. Daniel Osborne is the head coach for the whole team, “The first official day of practice was November 15th and the first official competition is December 7th. Our Junior Varsity Wrestling team will have the first match on December 7th at Wilmington High School and our Varsity will have their first competition on December 14th at Ryle High School.” said Osborne. Let’s make sure we go support our fellow wolves. 

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Last Christmas Review


“Last Christmas” came out on November 8 2019. The romantic Christmas comedy definitely took me by surprise. “Kate is a young woman subscribed to bad decisions. Her last date with disaster? That of having accepted to work as Santa’s elf for a department store. However, she meets Tom there. Her life takes a new turn. For Kate, it seems too good to be true.” 


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Kate is played Emilia Clarck. The year before the movie takes place Kate got very sick she was in the hospital and all through the movie her Slovakia mother is still recovering from the scare of Kate almost dying. Her family seems as if it had fallen apart since Kate was in the hospital. Her father doesn’t like being home near their Mother because her mother is a bit on the non stop worrying side, and her sister is keeping a secret from her parents as well.

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Poochies Place

If you are hungry for breakfast or lunch, Poochies is the pace to go. Poochies is located in the middle of Amelia. You can smell the goetta from the street. “Mary Ellen Johnson-O’Hara, better known as Poochie, is the owner of Poochie’s place located in Amelia. The restaurant has “been family owned and operated since 1980. Her father, Vick Johnson, built the building and Poochie learned firsthand how to run the family business.”- Clermontson 

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Another Delay from Kanye West

Kanye West was hyping up his album, everyone was ready. People were staying up to hear those brand new songs. Then they never came out. Everyone was shocked. It isn’t very normal for things like this to happen in the music business. Or is it only normal for Kanye?

The original release date of the album “Jesus is King” was September the 27. Now it did not come out on that day. We were all ready. We were disappointed. According to TMZ sources the album was completed, but Kanye listens back to it and changes things constantly. Nobody was sure when it was going to be able to meet his standards. 

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