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10 reasons why ohio is underrated

Cedar Point Amusement Park
  1. Cost of living in Ohio is cheaper than other places. Ohio is the 7th most populous state because its so cheap.

2. Ohio has the roller coaster of the world… Cedar Point Amusement Park. Located at 1 Cedar Point Dr, Sandusky, OH 44870.

Hockey HIlls State Park
Rock n Roll Hall of Fame

3. Ohio has Hockey Hills State Park. It is one of the best places to if your the outdoorsy type.

E-Girls & VSCO girls

E-girls and VSCO girls are trends that blew up on an app called Tiktok. It’s an app where you lip sync and take videos, you then post them for others to see. 

Being called an e-girl is actually not something you would want to be called. A e-girl is a woman who plays video games and goes online for the attention of males.