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West Clermont’s Homecoming Game

West clermont VS Walnut Hills

West Clermont came out on top Friday night Taking the win from Walnut Hills. The two teams were tied 0 to 0 but the wolves quickly took the lead with a score of  7 to 0 by the end of the first quarter.

In the 2nd quarter the wolves Defense stopped Walnut hills from scoring any points whatsoever much like in the 1st quarter. West clermont ended the second quarter with two more points making the score 10 to 0 .

Things went a little different in the Third quarter though as walnut hills scored their first points of the game. The wolves also scored the same amount of points in this quarter so they sort of broke even. The score by the end of the third quarter was 17 to 7 With West Clermont still holding the lead by 10 Points.

Best Sneakers for this Winter

Winter is right around the corner and everybody wants to look fresh for school, outings, or even daily life. There are a lot of brands and shoes to choose from. Sometimes picking a pair of shoes can be hard because there are so many styles, brands, colorways, and shoes to choose from. Winter time is when a lot of the bulkier shoes are worn. With the “dad shoes” or older style of shoes becoming more and more popular every day there’s a lot of options.

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