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MLB offseason awards 2019

Baseball awards, given to those people who make significant contributions or reach the highest levels of professionalism within the game of baseball, serve two purposes. First, each annual baseball award represents the highest honor players, managers, and other professionals can receive to celebrate greatness. Additionally, the baseball awards serve as baseball’s time capsule – triggering memories within those who love the sport, allowing them to fondly remember the heroes who have made baseball our National Pastime. Another season has come and gone and the 150 Anniversary of MLB is over and they went back all 162 regular season games and decided who did best in a respective category. The MLB started the award system in 1931. Here are the award winners in each of their respective categories.

5 college football traditions

College Football throughout the years has had some traditions that schools will do during the football season. Since this is the 150 year of college football we are going to look back some of traditions of College Football. The first ever football game was between Rutgers University and the college of New Jersey which is known as Princeston today. Here are some common College Football traditions.

  1. Penn State White Out Game

Penn State White Out game started in 2004 where they played against the Purdue Boilermakers with the student section started it and which grew to the fans. “Penn State doesn’t do t-shirts layouts, either. If you want the White Out shirt, you have to buy it. It certainly helps that Penn State has a dominant color like white, because all fans have gear in that color, but fans have to actually put in effort to create an imposing atmosphere. It’s nothing that the team goes out of its way to do.”

Early playoff predictions

It’s week 7 and there are currently 2 teams that are UNDEFEATED. The San Francisco and The New England Patriots. The Patriot are in The AFC and the San Francisco 49ers are turning a lot of heads and have the best record in the NFC. We are almost half way through the season and The Eagles, Packers, Saints, and 49ers lead in the NFC and the Patriots, Ravens, Texans and Chiefs lead in the AFC.  If the season ended today the Playoff Picture would like this. 

1 Seeds

Patriots(AFC) 49ers(NFC)

2 Seeds

Houston Texans(AFC) Green Bay Packers(NFC)

Wild Card

AFC: Chiefs Ravens Bills Raiders

NFC: Saints Eagles Seahawks Vikings

The Battle of the NL Central and the NL Wild Card

Image result for 2019 mlb playoff picture

There is one week remaining in the season and the NL wildcard as long as the NL Central is still up for grabs and we still don’t know who has the top 2 spots in the Wild Card where they will be fighting for a spot in the playoffs. There are 3 teams that have already clinched a spot in the Playoffs and those teams are the Atlanta Braves, The St. Louis Cardinals and the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Braves and the Dodgers have already clinched their respected division but the NL central it’s the battle of the Milwaukee Brewers and the Cardinals for the battle for the NL central. This Race will go down into the final of the season and that will determine who is in and who is out.