Skin Care Products and Treatments

What is acne?

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Acne in a simpler sense is when the pores on your skin get clogged by dead skin, dirt, makeup and oils.  There are many different kinds of acne such as blackheads, whiteheads, cysts and a few others.  Blackheads are when the pore gets clogged but the top is still open which results in the black color.  Whiteheads are when the pore is clogged and the top is closed which results in the white coloring.  Cysts are when the pore is clogged very deep and hurt to touch.  They are also typically bumped up and red or white.  Whiteheads and blackheads are the most common and the mildest forms or acne.  Cysts are one of the most severe forms of acne.  

Products and Treatments

There are many different types of treatments and products that can be used to help prevent and take care of acne prone skin.  There are different products such as cleansers, patches, creams and lotions.  

Mighty Patch Original

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Mighty Patch Original is created by a company called “Hero Cosmetics”.  Mighty Patch Original is not the only type there are many other types as well. This product is a small rubber, 12mm circle that is suited for all skin types.  The patch goes on before you go to bed and you sleep with it on.  The product will pull out all of the puss from the pimple so when you wake up it will mostly be gone.  Be aware that if you are allergic to rubber or pectin these can give you an allergic reaction. You can purchase them at hero cosmetics or at your local target and some others stores.  

Cerave Products

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Cerave is a company that has different skin care products such as cleanser, lotion, moisturizer, serums, sunscreen and even skin care products for babies.  They have different products for different concerns.  For example they have products for oily skin, dry skin, acne prone skin, sensitive skin and even just normal skin.  Their website is just called  and they have 4 different ways to search through their skincare products such as by category(so cleanser or lotion for instance), concern(itchy or anti aging).  Head over to their website now and try out some of the products they have.

Although these are only 2 different brands or products there are still many different brands out there along with these ones.  Just be aware when trying new products because you can get allergic reactions so make sure you always read the package to be sure you aren’t allergic to anything in the product.  Keep in mind that not every pimple or acne breakout you get requires treatment because over time it will most likely go away but washing your face daily can help prevent acne.  

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