Halloween Restrictions due to COVID-19

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In Ohio, masks will obviously be required while going really anywhere, and social distancing is still expected to take place. Trick-or-treating is still allowed as of now, it is just not recommended. People typically aren’t that close to others while walking around, it’s really about approaching other people at their front doors that’s the issue. Some people have tried to come up with safer alternatives, such as having a “drive through” while handing out candy, or simply just setting up sanitizing stations in their driveway. Parents have also said that they are urging their children and others to wear gloves, in hopes of preventing more sickness from spreading. “Hayrides and haunted houses are much more of a problem” Governor DeWine says. Haunted houses put an extreme amount of people in a poorly ventilated space with very little room, which leads to little to no social distancing. He urges people to not participate in those activities at all this year, because they are so much harder to keep running safely. 

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The CDC is encouraging people to still participate in Halloween activities, as long as they are done safely and while following social distancing rules. They say that if you must go out trick-or-treating, that you should stay within a group of people that you share a home with. They also urge that you do not touch your face as much, and to wait to eat any candy received until you get home. They also don’t have a problem with carving pumpkins and/or displaying decorations around your house for others to look at. For younger kids, they encourage parents to set up scavenger hunts around the house so they do not have to leave. They also recommend setting up small goodie bags at the end of driveways for kids to pick up, instead of actually having to go door to door. This would only work of course if everyone in the neighborhood was on board with the idea. Since some haunted houses remain open, the CDC recommends that if you participate, that you carry hand sanitizer on you and try to stay as far away from others as possible. Every event this Halloween is different, because how many people are there plays a huge role. 

So, we all already knew that Halloween was going to be strange, but did we really expect all this? I definitely didn’t. Despite all the challenges this year, hopefully everyone has a fun and safe Halloween. 

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