Top 4 underrated conspiracy Theories

  1. False Paul?

This conspiracy is about if Paul Mccartney and how people believe that he secretly died in 1966. But the Beatles covered up the death and hired a person who looks, sounds and acts exactly like Paul Mccartney. In the song A Day In the Life by the Beatles John Lennon says ¨He blew his mind out in a car¨ this is important to this theory because people believe Paul got into a very bad car accident and died. 

  1. Are Mattress Firms laundering money?

We all have seen the mattress firm stores, but have you ever noticed how many Mattress firm stores are lined up next to each other or how many of these stores are down the block from each other? Well I did not realize this fact until I heard about this theory. I was shocked at how many of these mattress firms are in Ohio and how close they are to each other. This theory appeared in people’s minds in 2018 when a reddit user talked about this concern. There are pictures and maps that show Mattress firm .5 miles away from each other or across the street from the other mattress firms. Next time you are driving around your town look around and if you see one of these stores count how many you see within a mile of each other. 

3. Solipsism

Solipsism is a theory that the world around us is just in our consciousness. But the people in our lives and the things in our lives are just simulations that we make up in our brains so that we don’t feel alone. This is known as a psychological theory. Next time you are around your family think about your memories and see if any of your family members have a different way of thinking about all your memories together.

4. Project MK ULTRA

The theory about this project is that it was an illegal CIA mind control program that was happening in the early 1950s. This project was believed to control people’s minds and to make them become weapons to work against people who are an enemy to the United states. 

Research from:,28804,1860871_1860876_1861003,00.html


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