The Coronavirus Now Has a Name

In other news, besides the naming of the coronavirus, it has also began to spread further and take more victims. As of right now, although the virus is based mainly in China, it has infected over 45,000 people worldwide, and has killed more than 1,100 people. While millions of people are still under lockdown and quarantined within China, some cities and business sectors were released from lockdown so the residents could resume work.

Coronavirus map ~~

On Wednesday, one of the world’s biggest technology trade shows, the Mobile World Congress, was canceled due to the coronavirus. Every year since 2006, representatives of tech companies would meet in Barcelona to gather in conference halls to share products and discuss deals and partnerships. The industry group that usually hosts and organizes the trade show, the Global System for Mobile Communications Association, canceled due to the coronavirus, travel concerns, and other circumstances.

The Mobile World Congress ~~

Finally, imagine setting off to sail the seas for a vaction cruise. Then, as if from a nightmarish movie, you realize that the cruise your on is full of people with a disease that has the entire world shking in fear. Well, that nightmare is a reality for those who went on a cruise on the Diamond Princess. At least 175 people, including a quarantine officer have been infected with the coronavirus while aboard the cruise ship. The ship has 3,700 passangers trapped onboard the ship with no way to escape, as no there are no countries allowing the ship to let the passangers out when the ship docks.

The Diamond Princess ~~

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