Flu Shot Mismatch

The flu is on the loose! Many children and even adults are coming down with this terrible illness. Why? Well, many people are saying that it’s because of the flu shots they are receiving this year!

“This years’s flu vaccine is ‘not a very good match’ for a common strain of flu that’s especially tough on children, according to the nation’s top infectious disease doctor.” (Cohen, CNN News) When people get the flu shot, normally they are injected with a little strain of the flu so that their body can fight the virus in case it reappears. However, this year’s flu vaccine is said to be ineffective for the current strain. This being said, take yourself and your child to be injected. “The vaccine is a 58% match for B/Victoria (another name for the flu).” (Cohen, CNN News)

That 58% match reduces the likelihood of contracting the flu. “It could help protect them from getting so sick that they develop life-threatening complications, Fauci said.” (Cohen, CNN News) For any parent, that is the most important thing to them, keeping their child safe and healthy. However, some parents believe that having their child receive the flu shot is unnecessary.

Why do they think like that? Well, there are 4 reasons behind this. “Religious reasons, personal beliefs, or philosophical reasons, safety concerns and most importantly a desire for more information from healthcare providers.” (McKee, ncbi.nlm.nih.gov) Those are all valid reasons, but if it were a drug that were to save everyone from a disease that’s killing millions, would the parents still not let their children or even themselves receive it? There is always a possibility that can happen. But the smart thing to do would be to get the injection.

The flu is mostly likely to occur in the winter and that’s why most pharmacies are always flooded with people trying to get their vaccines. If more people were to start getting their flu shots, “the shot will likely prevent infection with the other strain of the flu that’s out right now.” (Cohen, CNN News) Scientists typically try to work on matching the strain in spring so the vaccine will be available to people who want to receive it in the winter. “This year’s match to the H3N2 strain of the virus is only 34%, which Fauci called a ‘poor’ match. But it’s not very consequential, since there’s been little H3N2 this flu season.” (Cohen, CNN News) In conclusion, it’s important for you to get the vaccine when it’s readily available.

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