Taal Volcano Erupts In Philippines

This past Sunday, the city of Manila was told to evacuate immediately after their thought to be dormant volcano, Taal erupted. The capital of the Philippines, Manila and other little cities surrounding it is consisted of roughly a million people. All of the people were expected to evacuate from their houses, leaving everything in the path of the volcanoes eruption.


The Taal Volcano, is roughly 37 miles from the capital (Manila). Videos of the eruption was captured by locals, showing lava spewing from the surface from the volcano. The Philippine Institute of Volcanology Seismology (PHIVOLCS) has warned the public to evacuate as soon as possible. Volcanoes are very unstable and can erupt at any time.



Taal Volcano is one of the worlds most dangerous volcanoes because of the amount of people that live in the vicinity. Around 459,000 people live within 14-kilometers (8.57 miles) from the “Danger Zone”. This makes the amount of potential lives lost at an all time high for volcanic deaths. With that being said, roughly 930,000 people live in the affected radius live within 17-kilometers (10 mile) radius of Volcano Taal.

People that live within the “Danger Zone” will be dead immediately after the eruption, while people that live within 17-kilometers will be effected by the ash and aftermath of the eruption. The sky will be covered in ash and make the pollution at an all-time high. Not only is the Volcano itself dangerous from the ash and lava, it can also cause the tectonics plates to shift causing an earthquake. Also the fact that the heat from the volcano could form a tsunami making the entire island unsafe.

df1a41bb-083e-4ca7-8091-c3a9c8a223d5-Philippines_Volcano_008As of Monday, more than 250,000 people have taken shelter. That means 750,000 people still need to evacuate. The Philippine government and authorities have help transport thousands of people from the capital.



The Red Cross was quick to help families evacuate. They have sent hundreds of people to help with the evacuation and get the natives to families on the outskirts of the island. Following the first eruption, the initial blast shattered everything in its path. With that being said, if Taal erupts again, the ash and wind will carry glass and other items through the air. This makes the second eruption worse than the first.


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