West Clermont Levy

Before I continue on, I’ll explain the levy and what would happen if the levy is passed. The levy covers about $8 million dollars for the school. The levy will return to the ballot most likely around 3 times if it continues not to be approved. If the levy isn’t voted on the first time around, a cut of around $3 million will be made, which will have a huge impact on the schools. The schools will be unaffected if the levy is passed, but taxes for every $100,000 appraised home will be increased by about $25 a month, which I believe is a small price to pay for the entire community of this school, because this is what happens if the levy isn’t passed.

If the levy isn’t passed the first time it goes through the ballot, the school that will feel the impact the most is West Clermont High School. Classes will be completely cut from the curriculum. The classes that will be cut are American Sign Language, French, CCP (College Credit Plus) classes, Dance, and Drama. Within the Elementary, Middle, and High School, all 72 clubs will be cut. Busing won’t be available to those who have sporting events during the summer, during holiday breaks, or during the weekends, meaning that athletes will have to find a way to drive to the event themselves. Busing for the Middle school and Elementary won’t be available to those who live 2 miles or less from the school (65% of Elementary students and 9% of the Middle school students. There will be a maximum of 2 teams per sport in the High School, and no B teams for the Middle School, and the price to participate in sports will be $500, with no cap. Pep Band and competitive cheer leading and dance will be eliminated, classes will be forced to have 30+ students, and gifted services within the Elementary School will be discontinued. That’s everything that’s being eliminated, but there are also reductions being placed on the schools.

In the High School, Art courses, Music courses, Health and Physical Education courses, Credit Recovery, access to the Media Center, and Intervention and Enrichment services will be reduced. In the Middle School, Encore classes (Art, Music, Physical Education, Technology), Media Center access, and Intervention and Enrichment services will be reduced. In the Elementary School, Specials (Music, Art, Physical Education, Technology) will be reduced, the school buildings will be closed directly after school ends, and school time will be reduced by 30 minutes. A total of at least 46 positions at the schools will be released, which is a huge loss of skilled educators.

Everything mentioned above isn’t even everything that will be cut from the schools if the levy isn’t passed. And that’s all only the 1st cut. If the levy continues not to pass, there will be even more cuts, which will do a huge harm on the school and the opportunities offered to us all. Voting on the ballot will be held on March 17th. So, if you’re a caring parent or adult within the school district, please consider the harm that will be done on the community if the levy isn’t passed, and vote yes on the ballot. If you’re a student, help raise awareness and spread the information of the levy to other students and adults so the schools can continue to thrive and receive opportunities.

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