West Clermont Boy’s Volleyball Preview

Boys Volleyball Coach – Sara Bryant

Coach Bryant

1: When coaching volleyball, what do you look for in an athlete?

“We’re a growing program. At this point, we just want willing bodies to give it a try. To be on Varsity, we’re just looking for someone who can jump and move.”

2: How did the team compete last year? What was their record?

“We’ve struggled every year. Last year we had the best season out of all. They’ve improved so much.”

3: How are you expecting the team to perform this year? What attributes are you expecting from the players?

“This year we have some Juniors that have been playing for 3 years. We’re definitely gonna be more competitive and have some more exciting games.”

4: What are you most looking forward to this season?

“The group of guys this year. This is the second year that everyone will come back together. I’m excited to see their growth this year. I hope we get a lot of Freshmen to grow the program.”

5: What did the team struggle with, and how are you planning on improving the team?

“The biggest thing we struggle with is that we don’t have a middle school team, so they have to learn the whole game when they start the game. We just don’t have enough guys that play all year round.”

6: How will you train the athletes before their first game of the season?

“Practice. We’re gonna be lifting and having open gyms in the off season.”

7: Which team do you consider the toughest opponent that you compete against?

“The ECC teams (Milford, Loveland) all have great programs, so that’s who we wanna try to beat this year.”

8: The West Clermont Boys Volleyball team is rather unknown. Do you think that the sport has been gaining traction within the male community of our high school? If so, has the roster been increasing?

“2 years ago, we had a good increase on our roster. But, last year we struggled getting guys, but this year I think guys are starting to learn more about it.”

9: Finally, how long have you been coaching? Do you have anyone else helping you coach the Boys Volleyball Team?

“This will be my 5th for boys, but I’ve been coaching volleyball for 11 years. Mrs. McNeil helps coach our JV team.”

Boys Volleyball Varsity Player – Kyle Rees

Kyle Rees

1: Have you played volleyball in the past, and if so, for how long? 

“I have played volleyball since 3rd grade, and I’ve been playing club volleyball for 4 years.”

2: How are you planning to improve this year compared to last year? 

“I’m going to try to position my sets better, and I’m gonna try to keep the team hyped up and energized.”

3: How well are you expecting the team as a whole to perform this year? What do you think your end record will be?

“I say we’ll probably go, hopefully, 9-13. I’m not sure how much we’ll play, but I think we’ll improve, because everyone’s pretty capable.”

4: What’s the most difficult team you’re expecting to go up against this season?

“Milford or Loveland, although Milford’s seniors are gone. But they’re still pretty good.”

5: What is something you struggle with that you’re hoping to fix this year? 


6: How are the coaches training you to prepare for your first game?

“We’re doing open gyms, and Coach Bryant has a lot of open reps to help us improve.”

7: What do you think the team struggles with the most as a whole? How do you think you guys can fix it?

“Communication is a big one, and we’ll fix that by getting better at practice by running our defense and offense over and over again. Another thing would be the ability to finish a game strong.”

8: Finally, what are you most looking forward to this season in volleyball? What are you hoping to come away with by the end?

“I’m definitely looking forward to the away games, I love riding the bus. I’d say it’d be awesome to have another POW recognition and make first in the conference.”

Boys Volleyball JV Player – Spencer Bove

Spencer Bove

1: Have you played volleyball in the past, and if so, for how long?

“No. This is my first year.”

2: What do you struggle with the most, and how are you planning to fix it?

“Learning all the rules that you have to know.”

3: Does JV compete separately from Varsity?

“Yes. The Varsity games matter more, but we still compete separately”

4: How are the coaches preparing you for your first game?

“I think they’ll train us and teach us the fundamentals so we’re ready to play.”

5: What do you think that the team struggles with the most, and how do you think you guys can fix it?

“We struggle with winning. But seriously, we struggle with covering and blocking the most, and I think that we can fix that by running drill repeatedly to figure out what we need to do.”

6: How well do you think your team will do this year? What record do you think you’ll end up with?

“2-8. I don’t know how many games we’ll play, but I don’t think it’ll be great.”

7: Finally, what are you most looking forward to this season in volleyball? What do you hope to come away with by the end of the year?

“I’m looking forward to meeting my new teammates. I want a deeper skill and understanding of the game by the end so I can train and become better.”

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