How to Classify a Bruh Moment

‘BRUH MOMENT’ – Image by KnowYourMeme

Before I get started, I should explain what a bruh moment is. Bruh is universal English slang for ‘brother’. A bruh moment is simply a moment in which something occurs that makes you and/or someone else say, “bruh.” Bruh moments can be used in almost any case, as long as it meets the standards I will explain here shortly.

‘Bruh Moment’ – Image by KnowYourMeme

A bruh moment is a term that represents a strong emotional reaction, whether that be awe, shock, anger, disgust, etc. A situation can only be classified as a bruh moment if the one can almost unwillingly, as if it’s second nature, utter the word “bruh.” If there is a situation in which someone ironically or sarcastically says “bruh”, than said situation can not be a true bruh moment.

‘Bruh Moment’ – Image by ME.ME

Another way to know that a situation is not a bruh moment is if someone actually says “bruh moment.” A bruh moment should make one feel such strong, deep, intense emotion, that they can only squeeze out one syllable, and that one syllable must be “bruh.” Therefore, a bruh moment can only truly be classified after the situation. So, with this criteria, I will offer an example;

Tyrone: “Dude, I was so heated yesterday when Aric stole my girl, the only thing I could say was ‘bruh.’ I don’t know what got over me.”

Randy: Dude, that was totally a bruh moment.”

“Sal Bruh Moment’ – A post from an unknown Reddit user

Now, take a look at the meme I have displayed above. Is this a real bruh moment? If you answered yes, you would be incorrect. As you can probably see, Sal, a popular figure from the show Impractical Jokers, is smiling through the pain. That is not a bruh moment. This image likely doesn’t make one say “bruh”, and Sal is attempting to hide his true emotions. If one has the ability to hide their emotion, then they are in full control of themselves. As I previously mentioned, a bruh moment is a situation in which one feels such strong emotion, that they habitually, without a second thought, say “bruh” to represent the raw emotion. Therefore, the image above is a bruh moment. I hope this article helped you, dear reader, understand how to classify a bruh moment, so you can use this knowledge in future situations.

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