Halloween Candy Poll

The top 5 Halloween candies of all time are listed below.

5. Hershey’s Bar

With a total of 7% of the votes, the classic Hershey’s bar came in fifth place. Hershey’s bars are one of the most common chocolate bars, with nothing special about it, consisting of 12 small milk chocolate rectangles per full-size bar. Hershey’s Bars have nothing in them besides the milk chocolate, making it a great choice for anything!

4. Twix

Taking up 10% of the votes, Twix came in fourth place. Made by Mars, Inc., Twix bars are a classic, with two chocolate cookie bars per full-size pack. Twix bars have a wafer-like base with carmel and milk chocolate topped on top of it.

3. Skittles

Skittles came in third place with 11% of the votes. Made by Mars Inc., Skittles are largely regarded as the best fruity candy of all time, with full-sized Skittles bags typically coming with around 55 Skittles per bag. They consist of mostly sugar with a few other ingredients for added flavor.

2. Reese’s Cups

Reese’s Cups took up 17% of the votes, coming in second place. Made by The Hershey’s Company, the chocolate cups come with 2 cups per full-size bar and make a great choice to hand out as mostly everyone loves them! They’re made of peanut butter covered in milk chocolate, creating one of the most classic combos of all time in a fun candy bar.

1. KitKats

In first place, KitKats are the most popular halloween candy at West Clermont High School. With 4 wafers per full-size bar, KitKats create a fun, tasty, and chocolatey experience. KitKats have layers of wafers and milk chocolate covered in more milk chocolate! KitKats are also one of the only candy bars made by two companies, Hershey’s and Nestle.

Now, the worst Halloween candies of all time!

5. Butterfinger

With 4% of the votes, Butterfingers is the fifth worst Halloween candy of all time. Formally made by Nestle and now by The Ferrara Company, Butterfingers come in one large chocolate piece per full-size bar. The reason Butterfingers are regarded as one of the worst candies is because the crispy peanut butter on the inside often gets stuck in your teeth. They are still a good tasting candy bar with the crispy peanut butter inside covered in milk chocolate.

4. DumDums

Coming in fourth place is DumDums with 5% of the votes. DumDums, made by The Spangler Company, are the classic small lolipops. DumDums are regarded as one of the worst because most people don’t like to get them for Halloween. With 16 flavors, the small sugar candies are great for anything except Halloween.

3. Candy Corn

Candy Corn came up with 8% of the votes, coming in third. Candy Corn is made by multiple companies, such as Jelly Belly and Brach’s, and is seen as one of the worst because of its taste, which is like hardened frosting. Candy Corn is just sugar and honey, but a lot of people don’t like it’s interesting taste.

2. Twizzlers

Twizzlers took up 20% of the votes, finishing in second place. Twizzlers, also known as red licorice, is made by The Hershey’s Company and has a distinct strawberry flavor. Twizzlers come in long, hollow tubes of sugar flavored like strawberries. People usually don’t like Twizzlers because of its strange strawberry flavor and texture combo. Twizzlers also come in different flavors that aren’t known as being better than the original strawberry flavor.

1. Tootsie Rolls

Tootsie Rolls are regarded as the worst Halloween Candy at West Clermont High School with 24% of the votes. Tootsie Rolls, made by Tootsie Rolls Industries, have a very unique flavor that looks like chocolate but doesn’t melt. Tootsie Rolls are not liked because the chocolate-looking candy doesn’t taste like chocolate. It doesn’t taste like anything describable, and is extremely sticky and gooey. Tootsie Rolls are the worst Halloween candy of all time.

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