Top 5 CIncinnati Food Challenges


Cincinnati is the arguably the most popular city in Ohio. Being a big city, there’s got to be a lot of restaurants. Some of these restaurants take on a unique perspective on dining. They turn your meal into a challenge. These challenges consist of super-sized food that you have to eat in a relatively short amount of time. So, I decided to take a look at these challenges and rank the very best of them. Here are the top 5 food challenges that you can find in Cincinnati. Click onto the nest page to see the #5 spot and so on.

Early playoff predictions

It’s week 7 and there are currently 2 teams that are UNDEFEATED. The San Francisco and The New England Patriots. The Patriot are in The AFC and the San Francisco 49ers are turning a lot of heads and have the best record in the NFC. We are almost half way through the season and The Eagles, Packers, Saints, and 49ers lead in the NFC and the Patriots, Ravens, Texans and Chiefs lead in the AFC.  If the season ended today the Playoff Picture would like this. 

1 Seeds

Patriots(AFC) 49ers(NFC)

2 Seeds

Houston Texans(AFC) Green Bay Packers(NFC)

Wild Card

AFC: Chiefs Ravens Bills Raiders

NFC: Saints Eagles Seahawks Vikings

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s Breakup

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott recently just went through a very messy breakup. With their daughter Stormi stuck in the middle. Kylie and Travis have been trying to get their relationship to work for a while despite of their daughter. The two decided that it would be best if they step away for a while because things were just not working out. Rumors say the relationship ended because Kylie “supposedly” went over to Tyga’s recording studio to catch up. Travis found out and the breakup became mutual. 

It was really unexpected for this to happen because the two individuals were as happy as can be when they were spending time with each other in the summer. They were always traveling on yachts and around the world, making sure they could have every moment with each other. Then Kylie later went on and got pregnant. The two seemed really in love when they were around each other and were excited that they were later on going to have a daughter they could raise together. But, things got complicated when they became busy with both of their careers and became distant. It was best for them to split but still remain friends because of Stormi. 

The two today are seeing each other but just as friends for the sake of Stormi. Travis travels a lot for his music and with that “Kylie has Stormi more often, but Traivs is always in touch with her when he’s on the road. (Alyssa Bailey)” Travis and Kylie were hanging out the past weekend but only to be together for Stormi. However, Kylie is more busy with her business and with that, she said she doesn’t want to be in a relationship at the moment. “She’s extremely busy with her company and with the holidays coming up which is big for her business, dating isn’t on her mind. (Alyssa Bailey)” 

It’s good for Kylie to be focusing more on prioritizing her business instead of a relationship because she can be more involved with it while at the same time taking care of her daughter. Being in that relationship, with it constantly not working out must have been really stressful for her. But, now that she can focus more on herself and raising her daughter.

Travis can continue his music career and focus more on making more music. Although he travels a lot, he still cares a lot for his daughter. He makes the efforts when he needs to and tries to keep a healthy relationship with Kylie. His main priority right now is too also focus on his career and be there for his daughter when he can. The two are co-parenting together so Stormi can have a normal life where she has two parents both in her life. 

Miracle Dog Found in the Rubble of the Bahamas

Hurricane Dorian was constantly growing in categories. By the time it hit the Bahamas, it maxed at a category five. It destroyed everything. So many houses were turned to scraps, streets were flooded, and many people were killed. They aren’t sure how many exactly because so many are still unaccounted for. At the moment, it is known that 50 were found dead. However, in the darkness of the destruction, there was a light, a miracle. A dog had survived for weeks in the rubble. He was very malnourished and scared. The poor thing was trapped under a broken air conditioner from a destroyed house in the city of Marsh Harbor. The dog was rushed to their rescue center for life saving treatment.

Big Dog Ranch member pulling the dog out of the rubble

A rescue team by the name of “Big Dog Ranch Rescue”, a dog rescue based out of Florida came to the dogs need. He was saved in the scraps of what used to be the town of Marsh Harbors. They later named the dog Miracle, because he truly is one. They’re trying to find Miracle’s owner, but, if they can’t, they will find the best possible home for him.