How To Restore Moisture In Your Skin!

Spring please come to Ohio at full force! I know this may seem crazy to think about since your allergies will be all out of whack, but to be honest with you I would rather have puffy eyes then have my skin dry! Ever since I was younger I have always applied lotions like it was nobody’s business! I still continue this in my everyday life, but during the seasons changes, and especially during the colder month my skin is extremely dry! It feels almost as if it beyond repair! I have noticed that on my hands especially my skin will get super dry, and even crack. I have now dedicated my time towards finding the best moisturizing tips and ways to prevent my skin from getting even drier!


  • handwashing_456px.jpgAfter You Wash Your Hands, Then Moisturize!


When you wash your hands with normal soap and water not only are you killing pesky bacteria, but you are stripping your skin from the natural oils it produces to replenish your skin! After you have washed your hands make sure to carry a little bottle of specially formulated lotion to restore the moisture back in your hands!

  1. applying_hand_lotion (1)Try Using Ointments!

If your skin is extremely sensitive or irritated using hand lotions or fragrance lotions can really burn or irritate your skin! It is important to try and use a ointment instead. Ointment can be less irritating, search for ointments that contain olive oils or jojoba oils. Shea butter has been a know natural ingredient that is used to repair skin to its natural supple state.

  1. treat-sleep-apneaUse A Humidifier!

Nothing is worse than extremely dry air! When the air is dry not only does it cause nose bleeds but it dries your skin out completely! It is super important to use a humidifier while you sleep because this when our skin needs the most moisture, our skin is most likely to dry out during the night! Try using a humidifier to help add moisture to the air and give you a extra boost of hydration while you sleep!

  1. spraying_perfume.jpg.653x0_q80_crop-smart.jpgStay Away From Fragrances!

I’ll be the first to admit I love Bath & Body Works lotions, body washes, and perfumes! I love smelling good and taking that time to smell wonderful! But when you have extremely sensitive skin or if you have extremely dry skin fragrances will irritate the skin and prevent it from restoring itself. You also want to avoid your skin care product that contain alcohol since that truly strips the skin of its natural oils, and the harsh dry air will dry it out even more!

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