Last Surviving Ruth

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Julia Ruth Stevens, the daughter of baseball legend Babe Ruth, has died suddenly at the age of 102. Julia was the last surviving daughter of Babe’s. She was adopted into the Ruth family in 1930 and she took her last breath on Saturday in an assisted living facility in Nevada. “She lived a full life and tried to do her very best to perpetuate the legacy of Babe in a positive way,” Julia’s son Tom, described his mother as “Babe’s biggest fan”. She was born in 1916 when her parents split shortly after she was born. She moved to New York with her mother Claire Hodgson, when her mother met Babe Ruth in 1923 while they were there. Julia described her childhood with Ruth one time by saying, “I have this vague image of this huge man, who was really nice, coming to visit Mother, and he’d pick me up and set me on his lap and ask me little questions about how I was. If mother and I went out with him, people just crowded around.”

Ruth was married to Helen Woodford at the time of meeting Claire and Julia, and in 1925 they separated. He later went on to marry Claire Hodgson in 1929. After Babe Ruth’s death in 1948, it was up to Julia to show respect to her father later in her life on numerous historical occasions. She threw the first pitch at the 50th anniversary of her father’s death at Fenway Park in 1998.


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