Antonio Brown Traded to the Raiders

In making this trade, the Steelers are passing up the opportunity to keep one of the five best wideouts in football on their roster. They cleared up $22.2 million of cap space for the opportunity to eat $21.1 million in dead money on their 2019 cap letting Antonio Brown play for someone else. Organizations only eat that sort of dead money when they have a player commit some serious off-field indiscretion or if they’re rebuilding and dumping underwater contracts from the previous regime.

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The 30 year old receiver led the league in touchdown catches last season. For a team regularly in contention with an aging quarterback to willingly turn 11 percent of its salary cap into dead money requires a very specific, strange set of circumstances to go wrong. To make that decision and net a pair of midround picks is potentially unprecedented.

The point where things shifted for Brown and the Steelers was when Brown went on social media and indicated that he also wanted a change of scenery. His decision to go onto Twitter and call out Ben Roethlisberger didn’t do the situation any favors.

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Antonio Brown will be getting a raise compared to what he made with the Steelers. He signed a three year $38.925 to $50.125 million. The Steelers are giving the Raiders a third round pick and a fifth round pick. That means they will receive picks No. 66 and 142.

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