More Migrant Families Arrive at Border

Over the years, the U.S has had problems with illegal immigrants entering the country. Since Trump was elected as President of the United States in 2016, he had this plan of building a wall to keep all illegal immigrants out. The wall is a total of 1,954 miles between the United States and Mexico borders.

Since the beginning of the construction, it has made it a lot harder for immigrants to reach their destination. They have tried going in pairs, singles, and even in families. None of those have worked recently. “The U.S Border Patrol apprehended more than 66,000 migrants at the southern border in February” ( It was the highest in almost a decade. Many people’s reasons for leaving their home country is simply so they can feel more safe and encounter more freedom in the U.S.

Over in Central America, there is more crime, poverty and gangs than what we see here in the U.S. People that don’t want any part of that try to flee so that they can be in better living conditions. Many families don’t want their younger children to grow up in that environment so they send their children off first and then later on hopefully join them.

The Border Patrol officials say they haven’t seen anything like this in many years. Usually it is single men that are trying to get across the border not loads of families arriving in busloads. They worry that the design of the wall will not keep all these families from arriving. They are already reaching the maximum capacity of immigrants in custody and it is so far causing a lot of problems.

The biggest problem is trying to provide medical attention and food to those families that are in custody, waiting to be released. “Many humanitarian groups near the border say the surge of migrant families is straining their resources, too” ( The people that are in charge of these groups that help the families and children in custody say that it takes a lot of effort to provide all the materials these immigrants need.

Trump says that the wall borders need to extend further, but many people have argued that it’s not the wall, it’s the people that are trying to get in. They say that the wall does no good, yes it keeps people out but there are still parts to where people have gotten in when there is still fencing of old ways to keep them out. “Migrant advocates counter that the Trump administration has made the problem at the southern border worse by allowing just a few migrant families a day to cross at legal ports of entry” ( By them doing that, it can really cause a problem and overflow to the population over time.

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