National Emergecy

Last week President Trump declared a national emergency on the southern border to insure that he would get the billions of dollars in funding needed for his long awaited border wall. This Friday, House Democrats will initiate action to try and block the emergency declaration. They believe that the declaration is an overreach of the President’s power, and it the national emergency should be cancelled.

Texas Democrat Representative Joaquin Castro, has said that he will introduce a resolution this Friday the 22nd to terminate the measure if passed through both the House and Senate. Speaker Pelosi also added that the House  “will move swiftly to pass the bill” and urges all members to back the move. She says that his measures are unconstitutional and that because he didn’t receive the funding he wanted that he’s trying to go outside the law. Whether you see it as inside the law or outside the law, in Congress today this has no meaning and we only hold dear to us the idea of party loyalty. With that being said the resolution will definitely have a great deal of support in the Democratic-led House, but will face trouble in the Republican-controlled Senate.


All of it started when Congress told Trump he would only be able to get $1.375 billion for the southern border, despite his request for $5.7 billion. It’s a bit alarming that Congress wouldn’t offer more after Trump partially shutdown the government to help get his desired funding. The shutdown holds as the country’s longest in history. To say you should give him anything he wants just because he wants it would be wrong. One of Trump’s cornerstones in his race for presidency was the upgraded border wall and border security, ,meaning many people in the country want this to be done. Despite much conflict and strife to get to this point Democrats have still not slowed down the fight against this. It shows not only is our President holding true to promises made, but that representatives may be trying to go against the people they think they represent.

Declaring the national emergency is said to free up around $6.6 billion in funding for 234 miles of the border wall. Along with Congress’s resolution many states have also decided to sue President Trump over his declaration. They vary on what grounds he is sued but all of them have the same goal; to block the border wall. The sixteen states argue that he is unconstitutionally redirecting federal money that had been set aside for other purposes. One thing is sure from all this, the last week of February 2019 will have a lasting impact on our country.


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