Box of Crayons IShadow

Have you ever wanted a bright, popping, eye look for going out on the town? So bright that it looks like you took your little sister’s coloring materials? Well, now you can finally get that look!
An indie brand called The Crayon Case has recently released at a new eyeshadow palette called “Box of Crayons ishadow palette” and it went viral!

ishadowThe new palette has 18 bright, colorful, and eye-catching shades, inspired by our old Crayola crayon box. Nine of the colors have a shimmery and glittery finish, and then the other nine giving a nice, matte finish. This will definitely be giving you some childhood nostalgia. Each shade is said to be extremely pigmented and long lasting. The shades are named after, you guessed it, basic crayon box colors. Although this is obviously Crayola inspired, the brand is not collaborating or partnered with them.

This gives off a very simple vibe, it has your standard red, blue, green, yellow, ect. This palette is a must-have for anyone who is into more artistic makeup or interested a more professional makeup artists route, more clientele makeup. This palette retails for only $30, but due to it being an indie brand you have to order it online.

Sadly these palettes are currently sold out due to the hot attention it’s currently getting from the media. This palette has been reviewed and tested by a multitude of beauty gurus in the youtube community, as well as gotten a lot of attention on Instagram and Twittercrayon.

Now this isn’t the only thing of The Crayon Case has come up with, they have multiple “school supplies” themed products. They have “colored pencils” that can be used as lip liners or eyeliners, as well as a brush set that looks like pencils. They also make an eye primer that is supposed to look like a bottle of Elmer’s glue. Although the brand has many school themed products, it’s not completely school themed. They have normal brushes, beauty blenders, a couple eyeshadow palettes, eyebrow gels, and more. You should definitely check out The Crayon Case’s website and see if you like anything.

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