Why Teen Girl and Boys Don’t Have Equal Access to Phones

All over the world, teen girls and boys are big users of phones. But, you may not have heard that girls in boys in 25 countries have been surveyed. The survey “found that for every 15 boys who own a phone, only 10 girls do” (npr.org). It was very shocking to hear because boys and girls nowadays are receiving phones earlier and earlier in age.

In countries like Bangladesh, any girl who is seen touching a phone, their parents would think they are a disgrace and prostitute. Teen girls are known for having a phone even if they aren’t supposed to. Their mischievous minds always have ways of their own and are somewhat able to find access to phones.

It is really hard now-a-days for teen girls to stay away from phones because of all the social media apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter …etc. Girls get obsessed with phones because the apps draw them in. The apps consume females lives and it becomes a want more than a need for them. 15-year old Riya in the northeastern state of Bihar, India had said “I use the phone to check Gmail, Instagram, and WhatsApp”. She told reporters this when her parents found out she was using a phone. Her parents let Riya’s brother have a phone but the only reason they don’t let her have one is because they are afraid that all the bad information that is out there will expose her to bad influences.

It is understandable that some parents don’t allow their children not to have phones because they are just trying to protect them. It doesn’t make sense to let a male child have phone privileges over a female child. Although, consequences can occur if girls are found using a phone. The consequences range from scoldings and beatings to being withdrawn from school by their parents. 

Professor Gina Porter from Durham University concluded from her studies that it wasn’t uncommon for men to offer phones to young women in exchange for a sexual relationship. With that out there, schools have now been talking in their curriculum how to block unknown callers and they hope that parents will keep a closer eye on their children’s history on their phones. This could potentially be a bad thing because teen girls and boys might feel that their privacy is being violated.

The positive outcome of teen girls and boys have equal access to phones is they can connect to people all around the world with just the click of a button. Meeting new people can be a good thing but it can also have a downside. By having phones, teens can access so many unknown things that many people don’t know about. It could be dangerous, but it could also be beneficial, especially if teens are constantly learning new things everyday anyways. 

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