Student Of The Week

At West clermont high school there are many hard working amazing students but one student has been standing out to staff and students. That is Jack Hall!

Jack is a junior at WCHS. He went to Glen Este his freshman year then once Amelia and Glen Este combined he went to the new school West Clermont. Jack does many things for our school. His freshman and sophomore year he was a member of student council, Marching band and theater. As you can expect he had a very busy schedule. This year Jack stepped back from band his junior year so he could take yearbook, as well as CCP english course. If you didn’t know what CCP means it is a College course class the high schools offer for college credit. They are harder and more work.

Jack says “I am making the best of my time at West Clermont” he then later added on “But I will always be a Glen Este Trojan at heart”. Jack says that he has a few teachers that help him get through school and that has made his high school experience great so far! The teachers he recognized where, Mr. Gary Bertsch the Honors english 2 and film studies teacher, Mrs. Dody Scharfenberger who teaches Algebra 2, and of course the lovely Joan steer head of student council and advance health.

Since Jack is a high school you know he enjoys music, he said “I can’t just pick any single favorite music artist, but some of them include, Billy Joel, Elton John, Led Zeppelin, and Chance The Rapper. He said his favorite song is River And Roads by The Head and The Heart. Jack then added that this song is very recommendable and is quite an experience you’ll fall in love with. Even though he might like music he sure does not like country. Music is not the only thing Jack enjoys outside of school. Here are some of the things jack enjoys the most,

Favorite food is: Steak

Favorite color is: purple

Favorite person is: Cathy Lach

Favorite Movie is: La La land

Favorite actress is: Anne Hathaway

Favorite school activity is: Prom of course!

Favorite season is: Summer (well of course it is his birthday is July 1st)

Since Jack is around so many people throughout the day you have to figure some things annoy him. He said his biggest pet Peeve is holding doors open for people that do not say thank you. I mean come on how rude just say thank you.. Even though Jack does not enjoy when people don’t say thank you he still highly recommends getting involved in school, anywhere honestly. Jack says, “we only get this experience once,” is what Jack say to people to get them involved. Jack said he also gets involved into school activities because it gets him out of the house and he meet so many new people.

Thank you Jack for showing everyone how to be an involved time devoting wolf!

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