Lebron Suits?

For a couple of playoff games now, Lebron James has bought the whole team matching suites. Even though they look good together, it seems whenever this occurs they don’t play good together.


when Lebron did this for the Cavs vs Pacers games, they completely got blown out of the water. After that close call with the Pacers, the Cavs needed a wake up call.


That’s just what they got against the Toronto Raptors. Lebron didn’t buy the team matching suites the whole 4-0 games they played against them. That’s when fans started wondering if the suites had anything to do with the way the team plays.


Then for the first game against the Celtics, Lebron did the same thing and bout the whole team matching suites. We all know how that ended up. The Celtics crushed the Cavs and Lebron only scored 15 points the whole game.


Yeah, I know that this is just a little myth Cavs fans made up to have some sort of hope against the Celtics. But it is kinda fun to see if the suites actually have any effect on how the Cavs play. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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