Every high school student can relate to the horrible mornings of going to school. Waking up at 5 in the morning Monday through Friday is no fun for any teenager who loves to sleep in and stay out late. That’s why high schoolers like the weekend until Monday rolls around again and we are back on the schedule of early morning wake ups. So why do schools think it is a good idea to have students wake up so early for school?They think that 7:00 is a late enough time till you factor in time to drive to school and the traffic to get into school. That’s when the staff realizes that students have to get up earlier than they think.

Everyone knows that you aren’t truly awake when you first get out of bed. So what do people think happens in first bell, that we actually comprehend what the teacher is lecturing about? First bell we all are still asleep but trying to act like we aren’t.Students don’t truly wake up till about third bell, so in all honesty the first two bells of school are a waste of time.What is the point of coming to school when we aren’t really awake to learn what the teacher is trying to teach us? There is no point.

The biggest problem of going to school so early is what happens if you wake up a little late. You start scrambling to get ready and hope you can make it on time to only get caught in traffic of everyone else that is late or went to breakfast to skip first bell. If school started later maybe all the unexcused tardies would go down a bit. Many upper class man don’t show up on time because they want to sleep in a few extra minutes and then get breakfast. Yet schools decide to keep starting early and prolonging the school days. West Clermont High School starts at 7:45 and doesn’t end till 3:00 in the afternoon. Three doesn’t sound late until you factor in the 20 minutes of traffic it takes to get out of school and the hour or so of homework a student has. For students that have jobs, sports or clubs after school they don’t get home till 8:00 at night which doesn’t leave a lot of time to finish things for school.

Which leads to the second point, it might be a good thing school starts earlier rather than later. With teenagers being active people (even though adults won’t agree that we are) we need all the hours after school that we can. Most students have jobs after school, sports,or a club. There have been times this year where West Clermont’s theatre group didn’t get home till 8:00 or later. Now imagine the homework they have to do and what time they are going to be able to get all of it done. If school went any later students would have no down time, it would be what we did in the morning, school, sleep, repeat. That would leave no time for jobs after school which means that students would not be able to buy food or gas. Jobs are essential in helping people mature. Which is one of the biggest things adults complain about. They feels we don’t have enough responsibility so teenagers need to have jobs to help that. So it can be a good idea to have school start a little earlier so we can get out sooner. It shouldn’t be that hard for people to get up early if they want to get breakfast or to get up at all. Every choice a person makes has consequences and it would be better for people to learn that in high school than later in life.

Going to school early or late will have many different opinions from different people.

Some will agree that it will be more productive for the students of it starts later so they are actually awake for the first couple of bells. Others will think to keep it early so we can do stuff after school. If students really want to sleep then go to bed early instead of staying up really late.After looking through articles about what is best I still think it is better to have it early. High School students don’t need to go to breakfast every day before school. All they need to do is go to the grocery store and buy some food. I would rather have time after school to hang out than sleep in and stay late at school. Besides getting up to school will just help us later in life when we have to get up to go to work. Delaying the time of school starting doesn’t really help anything because students will just stay up even later than they already do.

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