Packers Wide Receiver Arrested

Packers wide receiver Trevor Davis’s vacation was cut short before it could even start.  The wide receiver was arrested at the Los Angeles International Airport over the weekend for “making a bomb threat”.  Davis and a female companion were in line at the Hawaiian Airlines ticket counter.

When the ticket collector asked if they had any items on the list of unapproved items such as liquids, knives or explosives (which is a standard procedure they must ask all passengers) Davis looked at the female he was with and asked “Yeah, did you pack the explosives?”.   Davis was immediately arrested with a misdemeanor charge for making a bomb threat. He was taking to a Los Angeles jail where he was released within the hour on a $15,000 bail. Davis is supposed to appear in court on May 3rd. The team responded to the incident by saying “We are aware of the matter involving Trevor Davis. We are in the process of gathering more information and we will refrain from making any further comment as it is an ongoing legal matter.”

Image result for trevor davis

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