Review On The Greatest Showman

The Greatest showman was released in theaters December 20th, 2017. This movie is a musical inspired by P.T. Barnum circus. The Greatest Showman has a great large cast, Hugh Jackman plays the main character P.T. Barnum, Zac Efron plays Phillip Carlyle, and Zendaya plays Anne Wheeler and Michelle Williams plays Charity Barnum P.T. wife these are the four main characters in the musical. If you are someone who doesn’t like musicals you may not want to go see this movie. About 80 percent of the movie is singing, but if you are the type of person to really enjoy people singing and dancing this is right up your alley.  


This exciting movie is supposed to bring show business to life. There are a ton of people that are just a little different from regular people, such as the bearded lady or the giant (very tall man), there is a very short man and a man covered in hair and just about any quality that made them stand out more than usual. P.T. (Hugh Jackman) is trying to these men and women to realize that they shouldn’t hide away from how they look and should be proud of who they are.

Throughout the movie there are romantic relationships being formed between Anne the trapeze who does amazing tricks from bars and ropes who is played by Zendaya, starts to fall in love with Zac Efron Character Phillip who is the partner with P.T. for the circus. Anne is in the show and people view her as a freak in the town yet on the other hand of the relationship Phillip who is the more sophisticated and looked at as one of the higher people in the town of New York City, they both have feelings for eachother but throughout the movie they have complications of having their relationship public. Now i’m not going to spoil anything but that romantic relationship is definitely something you would want to see. In the movie P.T. Barnum also goes through some rough times with the towns support and with his family and with the show.

The Greatest Showman had many songs and dances but one song in particular has really had nothing but positive reviews it even won best original song in the 2018 golden globes, the song is “This is me” sang by Keala Settle. Keala plays the bearded lady she starts out soft and finally builds up all this strength to get up and not be afraid of who she is and how she looks. This doesn’t only represent the song that she sings the main part in this also represents her character after she sings this song and gets more confidence in herself. Keala is not the only person who sings the whole cast does except a few characters.

Sydney Robinson said “ I thought the soundtrack was absolutely perfect! Each song made you feel as if you were there and experiencing the entire thing with the characters. The movie in general was really inspiring and appealing to almost any audience. It was easy to relate to and entertaining at the same time.” Many people are saying that the movie was great and are suggesting people to watch it themselves. “The movie doesn’t just have good music and acting the motion picture is very good.” Says Kira Grayson.

People are raving about this movie and if you want to make your own opinion about this movie go head to you local movie theater to watch it yourself. Again if you do not enjoy musicals I would not suggest this movie but it sounds like it would definitely be worth the trip out!

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