Defend A Friend

Defend a Friend club has started this year. They are meeting on Tuesdays in room 106. The club meets every Tuesday at 3:10. Defend a friend is a club to that is to help stop bullying. It is a great club that comes up with cool ways to lighten people’s’ mood. In the past they have put sticky notes around the school with nice sayings to brighten your day. Defend a friend was started at Glen Este by a student who was bullied and wanted to find a way to stop it and to help others who were bullied. There is about 3.2 million high schoolers bullied a year. It would be great if West Clermont was bully free. Our school should have a big Defend a Friend club to help stop those who think it is ok to pick on someone. Everyone has helped someone and felt good about it, so why not feel good everyday while you come up with ways to help someone. Defend a Friend came up with a play they performed in front of the school one year. It was a great play that really showed what bullying could do to someone. You can go to a meeting at any time and if you decide you don’t want to go you can stop. If you go you probably won’t want to stop though. We walk the hallways of this school and don’t see what is really going on. Students in our school could be bullied and we don’t notice. So join the club and and find a way to make a difference for those who are getting bullied in our school.

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