Blood Drive

Are you interested in donating blood and saving lives? Well West Clermont High School and Hoxworth Blood Center are teaming up. Hoxworth will be coming to WCHS tomorrow, November 16th, and they will be allowing students to donate blood from 8:00am to 1:30pm. Why should you donate? Donating blood helps save thousands of people’s lives a year. Also students who donate get a free shirt, those who donate four times in their high school career get to graduate with a red cord and sometimes earn scholarship opportunities. For more opportunities check out What all can you donate? There are three different types of blood you can donate, whole blood, red cells, and platelets. If you are interested in donating outside of school you should look into donating plasma, type AB is the universal plasma donors. If you are super into donating and helping out the community you can join the Premier Donors Club, a membeship program exclusive to Hoxworth Blood Center. Whole blood is the most common type of blood donation, during this you donate a pint of blood, late it is broken down in a lab. Red cells don’t need to be separated due to the smaller needle being used and can actually end up being infused into two patients instead of one, helping double the amount of people. Type O donors are important in the type of donation, O negative is the universal blood type meaning everyone can take this type of blood making it especially important. The greatest need is for more male platelet donors, if you have A or AB blood type you should definitely look into this donation. Whole blood and red cells take 20 minutes and platelets and plasma take 40 minutes. You must be at least 17 to donate but if you are 16 you will need parental consent. To donate whole blood you must meet the height and weight requirements, to see if you are eligible check out Donors who want to donate red cells, males must be at least 5’1” and 130 pounds, women must be 5’3” And 150 pounds.You also need to feel generally healthy and no cold or flu symptoms. You can’t donate if you have had an recent major surgery unless you have been released by your doctor. Platelet donors should refrain from taking aspirin for 48 hour prior to donation. Other factors affecting your ability to donate are traveling, medication, tattoos, piercings, and pregnancy. All you need to do to donate is sign up, ask your fifth bell teacher for the sign up sheet, if you’re 16 you will then fill out a packet and it will be due Thursday when you are about to give blood. If you are interested in giving blood make sure to ask your teacher for the form and sign up! It is never too late to sign up and help out the community! Remember that donating blood helps save thousands of lives!

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