Thanksgiving Feast

The 3rd annual West Clermont Thanksgiving feast will be taking place will be taking place on November 22nd. The dinner will be at West Clermont High School (4101 Bach Buxton Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45103), from 5:00p.m till 7:30p.m. The idea of the dinner is to have a warm and welcoming feel, the school will be decorated in a warm and family friendly fashion and will be fully catered by Golden Rule Catering. . Help bring the community together for the upcoming holiday season by helping out. If you would like to volunteer you can sign up at You can help set up, clean up, or serve. WCHS would love to be able to send every family home with a $100 kroger gift card to help out with the holidays coming up. Donations would be greatly appreciated. If you or someone you know would like to attend please RSVP at 513-943-6868 by the 17th of November.

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