Splashing Into Season

West Clermont High School swim team is diving into its first-ever season starting in November when they get to take the plunge into the school’s brand new competition pool.

The swim team wants to get up to 50 people on the team this year, and that will include students down to 6th grade. There are no tryouts for the swim team, so everyone will make the team.

Swim team member Lily Wilfert said all you need to know is how to swim to make the team. Lily was on the Amelia swim team last year, so she has some experience. “I am very excited for the season and can’t wait to start a new chapter for West Clermont,” said Wilfert.

Tori Bell agrees. “I am very excited for the season to start up,” she said. Tori also added that she made great friends as a swimmer last year and can’t wait to make more this year. Her opinion is that the Wolves will “do great this year!”

There are two teams, one for varsity and one for junior Varsity (jv). The girls’ coach is Coach Bowling, a 7th grade teacher at West Clermont Middle School. She was a swimmer at a young age, so she has plenty of experience. The boys coach is Coach Mayne, and he is a choir teacher at the high school.

The Wolves first meet is November 21, but before that they will be working on getting into shape. Starting on October 23, the team will host three days of swim clinics (at a cost of $20 each) to help students work on stroke technique. The clinics start at 3:15 and will last until 4:30 at West Clermont High School.

Photo credit/Jay Kleeman/Creative Commons

They will start regular practices on November 3, and swimmers will do Dryland, which includes ab workouts, crunches, Russian twists, planks, and v-ups. They also will lift weights. These practices last for two hours every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Practices are mandatory once the season starts. Like other sports, there is a cost to join the team. It is $250 per person for the season, which includes suits and caps. The team also gets an option to buy their own spirit wear.

After the season gets started, the team will all get together for some pasta dinners. This will bring the team closer and will let the coaches get to know the swimmers a little more.

Even though it may be getting colder outside the competition will be heating up as the season gets closer. The team will be swimming against Anderson, Norwood, New Richmond, Milford, Princeton. The team also has Districts, Sectionals, Regionals, State and Nationals if they qualify. These meets last from 2 to 3 hours for two days.

If you are interested in the Wolves swimming team, it’s not too late. You may have missed the informational meeting, but you can still join in! You just need to go to the main office and ask Mr. Mayne for the papers, and you can start going to clinics and practices after that.

Lets go cheer our West Clermont swimmers on at their first meet, which is November 21st. Mark your calendars now!


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