Wolves Football Is One Hot Ticket



Fresh off a big Homecoming win in front of a huge crowd, the West Clermont Wolves football team is off to a great start!

The stadium’s home-side stands were filled Friday night as the team beat Withrow High School 37-7. The bleachers were filled with recent graduates, older alumni, parents and grandparents. And everyone could hear the students in the student section howling away and supporting their team.

“The wolf pack is the best student section in the city” said James Collins, the athletic director for West Clermont High School. Mr. Collins also said that West Clermont has one of the best crowds at away games.img_0770

The attendance at the Wolves’ first football game drew the best crowd yet. Local media estimated the crowd at between 4,000 and 6,000. That night they won against Princeton 28-13, it was a very exciting game.

West Clermont has been having great attendance ever since that game. Even when they played Winton Woods in the pouring down rain, West Clermont fans still came out in their raincoats and rain boots to support the team. The Wolves ended up losing that game and the next game but they did win the last three games after that giving them a record of 4-2!

The Wolves recently had our first Homecoming game against Withrow High School. Collins estimated that they sold between 1100 and 1300 tickets, not including the season passes that run from 600 to 1000. The tickets were sold from Wednesday to Friday at school and also at the game Friday night.

What  do the students think?


Some of the students in the Wolves student section have been going to every game. One sophomore Clare Batchler said she has been to all the football games except one so far.

“The team is a lot better than I thought they would be, and the student section is so fun to be apart of.” Madeline Alexander, who is a part of the marching band, said “I think we have such good crowds at the games. The first home game was very packed and energetic. The students at our Homecoming game were showing a lot of support just by cheering and dressing up.” Madeline also added, “I like being able to support and represent West Clermont High. I think it’s amazing that I am part of a historic moment for West Clermont.” The students are very supportive of this football team win or lose.

Spirit team

WCHS also has a spirit team that spreads the news for the game. These students includes Veronica Grecni, Hunter Olmstead and Emma Mcgaha. These students get the student section on their feet and moving! They also help out a lot with the themes of the night such as what supplies they need or what to wear for the game.

Social media also tells a lot of people about the games. There are so many supportive websites on Twitter, Instagram and other websites. It really seems that social media is a big part of how everyone knows about the football games. There are still four football games coming up against Anderson, Loveland, Turpin and Milford. The final home games are against Loveland on Oct. 13th and against Turpin on Oct. 20th. Let’s go cheer and support our Wolves!

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